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Fear and Loathing

Aliases: Unknown

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Fear and Loathing are a couple of leather-clad, rough-and-tumble bounty hunters who will hunt anyone for a price. With various high-tech weapons at their disposal, the duo is quite deadly.

The unstable shape-shifter known as Gemini hired Fear and Loathing to help frame Beast Boy for murder and completely discredit him, as she blamed Best Boy for the death of her mother. Fear and Loathing successfully helped Gemini with her set-up, and later engaged Beast Boy with a full-on assault. The bounty hunting duo was eventually defeated by Beast Boy, with the assistance of a newly-revamped Flamebird.

When Matt Logan held an impromptu membership drive for a new Titans West, the party was crashed by Fear and Loathing along with the demented Duela Dent. Titans new and old teamed up to easily dispatch the trio of trouble-makers.

Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles! From BEAST BOY (mini-series) #2 [2000].


Essential Reading

Beast Boy #1-4 [January 2000 to April 2000]: Gar Logan returns to L.A. and is framed for murder in a mini series written by Ben Raab and Geoff Johns, with art by Justiniano. The series features the introduction of Gemini (daughter of Madame Rouge) and bounty hunters Fear & Loathing. Nightwing and Flamebird guest star. First appearance of Fear & Loathing.
The Titans Secret Files #2 [2000]: It’s the debut of Titans LA in an astonishing all-new Special. Whether he wants it or not, Beast Boy finds himself saddled with a new West Coast branch of the Titans. But it may be the new team’s final appearance as well if Fear and Loathing and the madcap Harlequin have their say.

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