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Entertainment Weekly Calls Young Justice “Cool” and “Super-ior”

Entertainment Weekly posted a review on last night’s YOUNG JUSTICE premiere.
And they liked it quite a bit:

‘Young Justice’ premiere review: Cool concept, and a super-ior cartoon
by Ken Tucker

Young Justice made its debut on Friday night with an hour-long edition on the Cartoon Network. It was a clever concept that was pretty well executed: above-average animation; intriguingly different takes on a few familiar characters; and the promise of even better editions to come.

The debut centered on Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Superboy. (I liked the way Speedy quit early on, disgusted at the lack of respect he was being shown by Green Arrow and other adult super-heroes — it was an unexpected move for a new series to use.) The plot concerned the Cadmus Project, busy manufacturing naughty genomes and using stolen Superman-DNA to hatch Superboy.

I was less engaged by the long battles between the Young Justice crew and the hulking, bashing Blockbuster creatures than I was by the introduction of, and interaction between, the teen heroes. Young Justice is not a TV version of the DC Comics series of the same title. It takes place, its producers say, on Earth-16, a separate entity from the comics continuity. If you’re looking for comic-book parallels, the show is more a cross between Teen Titans andYoung Justice… with its own little twists.

By the end of the hour, other members had been introduced, including Miss Martian, niece of Martian Manhunter — with more to come. There was some snappy dialogue between the youthful crew (“Don’t call us sidekicks” is practically the show’s motto) and the Justice League, with Batman and other grown-ups grudgingly accepting the inevitability of this group of adolescent upstarts. Young Justice will be used, we were told, as a sort of covert-ops organization to handle assignments and super-villain intrusions, with Red Tornado as the kids’ supervisor and Black Canary in charge of “training” (hormones, man your battle-stations!).

All in all: fun and smart. And on a night with no new Smallville, a good dose of super-hero action. Young Justice will commence further adventures in January.

Visit the Young Justice Animated Series Guide for more information.

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    will repost here what I posted to my other online home :)

    watched it, enjoyed it (3 days late via torrent), definitely Bruce Timm’s designs there, strongly resembles the Warner Premier stuff he has helmed the last few years in visual. The writing was, as mentioned with the “hate the old guys mentality” a bit weak in places, but then again, we’re not the main target demographic either.

    will look forward for exposition on the attitudes in the series, and how closely they stay with each characters origins and traits. As Lord K pointed out, those of us who have followed the comic stories know who the “African Atlantean” aqualad is, but I see they seem to have steered away so far from the “suit gives him his powers” thing that was a hallmark of Superboy’s original comic origin.

    now, if you all will excuse me, I have to find my $4 for this months Teen Titans and hope Second Act hasn’t already sold out of them.

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    The first episode was pretty dang awesome in my opinion. The animation is fantastic, and very nice looking. I was also really impressed with the characterization of everyone. Robin being portrayed as the a happy and excited teen, as opposed to mister serious was a nice change and totally appropriate for Dick Grayson. His development into the leader of the team should make for some interesting plots. Superboy though… He’s too serious. He feels more like Clark than Conner. I hope he loosens up.

    The relationship with the adults I think could have done with some development though. We jumped immediately into the kids being pissed at the League for hiding stuff from them. I kinda think that could have done some more to develop that.

    But aside from that, it was pretty great. I can’t wait for the next episode.