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Elmira Cassiday

Caretaker of Willowbrook Orphanage

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Kindly Elmira Cassiday worked as caretaker of the Willowbrook Orphanage in Virginia. It was there she met Dorothy Hinckley, a lonely pregnant young woman who was also battling cancer. Empathetic to the young woman’s plight, Elmira agreed to help Dorothy put her child up for adoption. Dorothy eventually gave birth to a daughter, who she named Donna.

Dorothy gave Donna a doll to remember her by. The doll was made by ‘Uncle Max,’ who made toys for local poor children. The doll had an inscription ‘Hello, my name is Donna.’

Elmira Cassiday recalls the day Donna’s mother gave her away in the classic
“Who Is Donna Troy?” in NEW TEEN TITANS #38 [1984].

Elmira placed Donna in the care of Fay and Carl Stacey – just before cancer claimed the life of Dorothy Hinckley.

Donna Troy later became the super-heroine known as Wonder Girl, although the details of her early life remained a mystery to her. When Dick Grayson helped unravel Donna’s past, he found Donna’s doll – which led him to Elmira Cassiday, who was alone in a home for the elderly. Elmira hadn’t spoken in 10 years, but when she saw Donna with her doll, she broke her silence and helped Donna connect with the Evanses – her newfound step-family.

Donna befriended the kind old woman and invited her to her wedding with Terry Long.

Elmira Cassiday helps Donna unlock the secrets
of her past in the classic “Who Is Donna Troy?” in
NEW TEEN TITANS #38 [1984].

Essential Reading

New Teen Titans #38 [1984]: Dick Grayson works to help Donna Troy discover the truth about her past; Donna meets Elmira Cassiday – the woman who ran the orphanage where she once temporarily resided – and learns that her real mother, Dorothy Hinckley, left her with Elmira because she was dying.
Tales of the Teen Titans #50 [1985]: Elmira Cassiday, Fay, Hank, Cindy and Jerry Evans attend Donna Troy’s wedding.
Titans #25 [2001]: Part 3 of the “Who’s Troia?” trilogy. The evil Dark Angel is erasing Donna from existence throughout Hypertime. The Titans are joined by the Titanic team from The Kingdom — traveling through different points in Donna’s history before the evil Dark Angel can erase them. Elmira Cassiday attends Donna’s ‘rebirthday’ party.


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