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Eddy Barrows: The Newest Titan

Eddy Barrows: The Newest Titan
by Vaneta Rogers
courtesy of – 12-22-2007

As the Teen Titans title started a new chapter in August with Sean McKeever taking over writing duties, the position of artist was still up for grabs. But after a hodgepodge of artists helped out with the title for the last few months, Eddy Barrows is now the title’s ongoing artist as it heads into the new year.

Barrows, whose work was most recently seen on Countdown to Adventure, has moved off that title to fill the role as penciler for Teen Titans. After a year that has seen his work evolve through his stints on CTA, All-New Atom and 52, Newsarama talked to the Brazilian artist to get his take on the Teen Titans and learn more about his favorite team members.

Newsarama: Eddy, how did you find out you got the job on Teen Titans? And what did you think of the opportunity?

Eddy Barrows: I was in the middle of Countdown to Adventures #3 when DC invited me to be the regular cover artist on the book, starting with #54. And as soon as I finished the cover, for my surprise, they invited me to be the regular penciler of the series. This is an opportunity that I’m enjoying a lot! Doing my best work. I hope the fans enjoy it as much as I do.

NRAMA: Have you been a Titans fan for awhile? What was your first exposure to the Teen Titans?

EB: I used to read the series during the Wolfman/Pérez run. I was about nine years old, and everything on the book amazed me. Perez’s pages full of details, and the involving script by Wolfman – I loved everything about the series period.

NRAMA: How would you describe your style and approach as you draw this comic?

EB: The art style I’m using is full of details, but without overdoing it. I try my best to make justice to Sean’s awesome scripts!

NRAMA: Have you changed or adjusted your style at all to fit the comic’s tone?

EB: Nope. I’m still doing what I did on CTA. But I think that the art process is an evolutive one, and I think that the art begins to change and adapt itself (and getting better, hopefully) as the story goes by.

NRAMA: Which of the Teen Titans is your favorite?

EB: Kory, Cyborg, Supergirl, and Ravager. They are my favorites, because it’s fun to draw them. And they are very different from the other Titans. My favorite recent Titan to draw has to be Ravager. She’s tough, strong-willed and acts based on her instincts.

NRAMA: Let’s go through the characters and talk about your approach as you draw each of them.

EB: OK, here we go…

NRAMA: Robin?

EB: His latest outfit is a mix between his old and Batman’s. I feel that in some situations, he’s a little hesitant, but hey! He’s still a teenager, so that’s understandable. A thing that I like about him are his skills to lead the group. Despite his young age, he acts like a seasoned hero on the field, and all Titans respect that.

NRAMA: Supergirl?

EB: I preferred her old costume – it was more vibrant and attractive. Anyway, she’s a very driven and decided character.

NRAMA: Wonder Girl?

EB: I love her current outfit. And I love the character. She’s still grieving for Conner’s death. And I try to draw her with that in mind. All I can say to you is that there’s going to be some surprises for the character in the future.

NRAMA: Kid Devil.

EB: He’s a character that I didn’t know – but, as time goes by, I like him more and more, even him being a demon! His design is simple and perfect – I wouldn’t change a thing.

NRAMA: Ravager.

EB: I love her outfit, and for me she’s the Titan with the coolest design! I’d hate to go against her. This girl has a temper! [laughs]

NRAMA: Ms. Martian.

EB: She’s the kindness in person. A friend no matter what. I wouldn’t change anything on her design as well.

NRAMA: Blue Beetle.

EB: For me he’s the most fun character to draw. He can crack a joke during the most dangerous situations. And his design is perfect for me too.

NRAMA: OK, you talked about a lot of positives. But what is the biggest challenge to drawing the team right now?

EB: I guess that the biggest challenge for me was to understand the characters and their relationships. It’s very difficult to begin a series without even knowing some of the characters. I didn’t have the time to do some research and reading, because even before I finished CTA #3, I already received my first Titans script. But hey! I have to catch-up on the series at some point! [laughs]

NRAMA: What can fans look forward to as you continue on the comic? Anything you can tell us about what you’re drawing in future issues?

EB: Despite the fact of being an artist, I’m a fan too. And I began to love comics that way. That’s exactly why I’m trying to give the fans my best work ever, because for me this is the least an artist can do for a fan that spends 3 bucks on a book every month.

Unfortunately I can’t comment about what’s gonna happen on the future of the series. It’s a surprise! Top-secret! You’ll love it! I can assure you that!


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