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Eddy Barrows Talks Titans

Eddy Barrows Talks Titans
The new Teen Titans artist talks shop with Brazilian Blogger : Tarcísio of Torre Titã
from and Torre Titã – posted September 2007

Sean McKeever announced on ComicBloc that the Brazilian artist, Eddy Barrows, would be the new ongoing artist for TEEN TITANS. Tarcísio of Torre Titã (think Titans Tower: Brazil) contacted Eddy for an informative and entertaining interview.

Torre Titã: Hi, Eddy. It’s a pleasure having you as the new ongoing artist. Thanks for taking the time to chat.

Eddy Barrows: The pleasure is mine.

TT: Who is Eddy Barrows?

EB: Eduardo Barros is a simple man and a lover of the art. I can say if I weren’t an artist, I would be musician. I’m sure that. I was born in Belém do Pará (a state of Brazil), but my parents moved on to Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais (another state) when I was 2 years old.

TT: What was your first contact with comic books?

EB: During my childhood, my mom brought home Turma da Mônica – a Brazilian comic by Maurício de Souza – and Disney stuff. She read to me and I fell in love with comics immediately. I still read Turma da Mônica to this day. Chico Bento remains my favorite character. So I eventually started to draw. I cant remember exactly when, because I was a child – my parents told me that I started at a young age.

TT: Did you go to a school that specialized in the Arts?

EB: I studied Animation for 2 or 3 years. But I never went to a school specifically for art.

TT: And professionally?

EB: Well, I started at 22 years old, here in Belo Horizonte. I wasn’t a comic artist. I did some pictures for school books, books for kids, Publicity Agencies, etc. I loved comics, but I gave them up for awhile. I thought that weren’t made for me. I returned to comics at 24 years old, when I did some tests for Art & Comics Studios. I got approval and I started  training for 6 months. Then everything happened so fast. I didn’t feel ready. My first work was STONE COLD (STEVE AUSTIN) at Chaos Comics. The final product was chaos. After I did six issues I felt I need more practice. I decided to return to comics when I was ready.

That happened in 2001 and I came back to comics in 2003, when I got G. I. JOE. That experience was amazing. Finally I was ready and feeling good about the pages I was sending to writers. They were so cool to me and I become the official artist of the book until April of 2004, when I decided (again) to leave comics to put more time in “Jornal do Estado de Minas Gerais” – a local newspaper. (laughs). In the middle of 2004, my pal, Joe Prado, called me asking If I would like to come back to Art & Comics Studios. I said “Yes, of course!”.

So, I got an issue from Avatar to do and soon, we felt we were ready to work for DC or Marvel. I did 3 tests pages for DC and in the next month they called me to do BLOODHOUND. Following that, I did BATMAN SECRET FILES 2005 and 3 issues of BIRDS OF PREY. In that time, I still used to draw in my classic style. Soon, I got 52 to do and after it I become the artist of THE ALL NEW ATOM, along Gail Simone writing. In that time, I did 44 pages per day. I was so tired! So I decided to leave ATOM and Eddie Berganza invited me to work on COUNTDOWN TO ADVENTURE. Initially I was going to do all the issues of the series, but the editors wanted me to be on TEEN TITANS. That was a surprise! An Amazing surprise!!!!!

TT: Do you model “your” Titans after any real life people? How do you attempt to make each character in the book distinctive?

EB: Sometimes I use some models, but in the major part of time I get it form my mind (laughs).

TT: How was work along Beechen and Gail Simone?

EB: I loved to work on ATOM. Gail is a great writer. But I enjoying working with Adam Beechen, too. It seemed like he knew what I would like to draw. I met both of them in San Diego. I loved working alongside Beechen and I hope someday to work together again. Both of us are working to the same boss, after all (laughs).

TT: Do you know who requested to bring you on to TEEN TITANS?

EB: I’m not exactly sure. I would guess that maybe Dan Didio and Berganza are responsible.

TT: Who are your favorite artists?

EB: I like a lot of various artist. But my favorites are Jhon Buscema, Alfredo Alcala and Cláudio Villa.

TT: And your favorites writers?

EB: Adam Beechen and Sean McKeever are two of my favorites, but I like Grant Morrison very much.  I had  the opportunity to work with him on 52.

TT: What you do when you aren’t drawing?

EB: I try to treat my day like I’m working on a newspaper. I have time to start and finish my job. I got some time to lunch and to eat something at 6pm, when I finish my job to be along with my family. Of course I am ready for some trouble (laughs).

TT: What your favorite book?

EB: The Bible. Hey, I got one in Portuguese/English (laughs).

TT: Do you have any projects of your own?

EB: Yeah, you may see some things from me in the future. Right now, I don’t have anything completed on that front.

TT: TEEN TITANS has been on a roller coaster ride of artists in the past two years. How do you hope to keep pace with a monthly deadline?

EB: (laughs) Look! It’s complicated to talk about. Things seem to change all the time. I don’t know how much time I will stick around or how many issues I will do.

TT: Oh, Eddy. Please! Tell us something! Make us smile!!!

EB: Well… I can tell you I intend to stick around more time you can imagine… Or at least I hope so!

TT: Ok… I got it (laughs).

TT: Have you spoken with Sean McKeever about the direction of the book and the characters?

EB: Not yet. We’re sharing some e-mails, but we haven’t talked about that yet. I just got brought on to the book about a week ago.

TT: Would you consider yourself “ongoing artist” or a “guest artist”?

EB: (laughs) I prefer DC talk about it. I know I will be on the title and what I am to the TEEN TITANS. Although, there are things I cant tell you. Sorry!

TT: Ok, I got it (or I pretend to understand) (laughs).

TT: I’d love to see you draw a crossover of Teen Titans and the Classic Titans.

EB: I’d LOVE to draw the classics characters.

TT: Tell us how was your history with the Titans. Were you a Titans fan before you became the artist?

EB: Wow… Good question! I LOVE the Wolfman/Pérez era. This era is so important to me. Everything in that era was amazing. That’s what I want to bring to TEEN TITANS –  a little of that spirit – as an artist.

TT: Which character is your favorite?

EB: Well, I love the look of Cyborg. I also like Robin (Tim) in his new style, since its similar to Batman. His gloves are great. I like Superboy too. But Starfire is my favorite, in her classic style (Pérez) (laughs).

TT: Is there any character in TEEN TITANS that was hard to for you to draw, from an artists’ standpoint?

EB: They are all different. I look at the narrative to get an idea of their identities and personalities to differentiate them.

TT: Are there any teen characters in the DCU you would like to draw in the pages of TEEN TITANS?

EB: Well, I am already doing a lot of characters who I like on the title, but If Superman pops up, it would make me very happy (laughs).

TT: Well, Eddy. Thanks for your attention. I am sure that the Titans fans wants you stick around on the title for a long time. Congratulations!!! If you need to know something about Titans, look Torre Titã and Titans Tower.

EB: Thank you, Tarcísio. I loved the interview.


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