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Eddie Berganza Debriefs on Teen Titans and One Year Later

Last week we began the first in an eight-part weekly series with the DC Universe Editors and Senior Editors about One Year Later and other DC Universe titles in 2006 and beyond. This week we continue with a conversation with Group Editor Eddie Berganza.

Perhaps best known to readers as editor of the Superman titles over the last several years, with ‘OYL’ comes a change to Beganza’s roster. One of DC’s most prolific editors will be moving on from the Superman family, and his current line-up includes Teen Titans, Supergirl, Ion, Superman/Batman, and the upcoming Justice League of America…

Oh yeah, he also edits a little something called Infinite Crisis.

Berganza spoke to us about parting ways with Superman, and while he keeps a lot of details close to the vest in regards to his OYL titles, he oes share some thoughts with readers on each…


NRAMA: All right, let’s move onto their junior counterparts, the Teen Titans. Again, just give us whatever info or thoughts you can on the title ‘OYL’..?

EB: There will be new members, one is an all-new character developed from an existing character that I’m getting very fond of already.

I know the names of the team may be out there, but I don’t want to confirm anything. The book will be having some surprises. Geoff [Johns] and Tony Daniels are really getting into it. The new stuff Tony is doing is amazing.

NRAMA: A new Doom Patrol and Titans East are mentioned prominently in the solicitation for the March ‘OYL’ kick-off issue. What can you tell us about those two teams and what role they’ll be playing on the series?

EB: Doom Patrol is very different from what’s been seen before, but flows perfectly out of Titans, especially when you meet some of its members.

Titans East is gonna be a surprise for everyone.

NRAMA: Well, speaking of Titans East, being that ‘OYL’ later jumps ahead in time, will we see any direct, or even subtle relation to the popular “Titans of Tomorrow” story arc from 2004 (Teen Titans #17-19)? Will we start to see any of the future events foreshadowed in that arc reflected when we rejoin the Titans OYL?

EB: Well, yes one character will be more like the future version we saw in “Titans of Tomorrow” and it evolves very nicely from things set up in Teen Titans that have come to a boil in Infinite Crisis.

NRAMA: We already mentioned the Justice League just a minute ago. Can you share any thoughts as to the relationship (or lack thereof) of the League and the Titans come later on in 2006? Given you’re editing both, might we see some close ties?

EB: That would be cool. But I think each book will be establishing itself before we do any crossovers just yet, but we’ll see.


NRAMA: Let’s move onto Supergirl…

NRAMA: It’s been revealed Supergirl and Power Girl become the new Flamebird and Nightwing of the Bottle City of Kandor, at least when the series debuts ‘OYL’ in March. Is this just a story arc or a new status quo that readers will see for a while?

EB: It’s what begins a very big and explosive adventure for Kara. We’re talking huge! It will be revealing more about Kara’s origins as it continues.

NRAMA: Supergirl’s return just kind of completed before Countdown and Crisis got going in earnest. Now that most DC titles are launching with fairly equal-footing ‘OYL’ come March and beyond, do you think Supergirl is firmly established enough in the DC Universe, or is she still finding her place and finding acceptance around the DCU?

EB: From the way the book is being ordered, I think the readers have made her the real deal.

That said, Kara is left at a very interesting crossroad when Jeph [Loeb] ends his run, and Greg [Rucka] really wants to delve further into this not-so-good-girl. With issue #5 we open a can of worms about Kara’s past that will have to have some answers, and that’s gonna lead us into some pretty huge happenings and some really tiny ones come to think of it.

The best thing about our Girl of Steel is that she still learning what the S-shield is all about. This is not like in Wonder Woman where Diana had her mission and things got complicated from there. No, Kara is a teenager, so there’s that drama. Throw in super-powers and some big bads then shake well and you have a very chaotic book from page one. So with Ian Churchill staying on with just a small break that will have Ed Benes guesting, all of you that were around for Jeph’s issues should stick around.

The biggest difference in Greg’s approach is that he wants to get more into Kara’s head. And that’s a terrifying, scary, and exciting place to go.

And you won’t wanna miss Kara getting a tattoo … or is that an S-nose ring … Or am I kidding?

Am I?

NRAMA: Not hard to recognize a rhetorical question when we see it…


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