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Alias: Terry Bolatinsky
Teen Titans Adversary

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Son Of A Super- Villain

Growing up as the son of a super-villain isn’t easy. Just ask Terry Bolatinsky. When his father wasn’t busy with his special effects projects, he used a super-suit of his own design to commit crimes as a C-list super-hitman known as Bolt. Terry’s mother died soon after he was born, which led him to rely heavily on his father for emotional support – a role his father was not equipped to handle.

Early attempts to emulate his father often ended in tears. And as Terry became enamored with his father’s exploits as Bolt, Larry Bolatinsky viewed his son as being “too soft” for the “family business” and grew to resent him for it. At best, Larry thought Terry could follow in his footsteps as a special effects artist.

Tale of Dread

But fate intervened when young Terry was approached by the Clock King, who offered Terry the chance to become a super-villain himself. Using a specially enhanced suit that allowed him to teleport and fire energy blasts, Terry became the legacy villain known as Dreadbolt.

After joining Clock King’s group of Terror Titans, Dreadbolt infiltrated Titans Tower by pretending to be a fan of Kid Devil, only to dupe the unsuspecting hero into a trap. But Terry’s next assignment proved his most difficult: Clock King instructed Dreadbolt to hunt down his own father and kill him.

ABOVE: Dreadbolt is revealed in TEEN TITANS (third series) #56 [2008].
BELOW: Terror strike in TEEN TITANS (third series) #56 [2008].

Dreadbolt confronted his father on a rooftop, where his conscience gave him pause. This led Bolt to disown his son and label him a “sissy” and a failure. But Dreadbolt ultimately proved Bolt wrong when a burst of rage caused him to murder his own father. At first, Terry felt remorse at killing his own father; Soon, he only felt relief.

Meanwhile, Clock King created his own meta-human militia of brainwashed super-teens, and ordered them to cause senseless destruction in Los Angeles. But once Ravager and MIss Martian freed the enthralled super-powered teens from Clock King’s control, only the Terror Titans stood to oppose a small army of meta-teen heroes. Clock King subsequently murdered Disruptor and abandoned the remaining Terror Titans, which led to their eventual defeat.

Dreadbolt, Copperhead and Persuader were initially captured, but later escaped and co-opted the former Dark Side Club headquarters. Together, they vowed to one day exact revenge on the Clock King.

Bolt taunts his son moments before Dreadbolt loses control and kills him
in TERROR TITANS (mini-series) #3 [2009].

 Powers & Abilities

Using his specially enhanced suit, he is able to teleport short distances instantaneously. The suit also contains an energy blaster that can be used as a weapon.


Dreadbolt by Jamal Igle


 Essential Reading

Teen Titans #56-60 [2008]: The new Clock King pushes his Terror Titans to capture the entire Teen Titans team so he can sell the heroes to the Dark Side Club, an underground fight club run by people who believe they’re the avatars of the New Gods. After Kid Devil and Miss Martian are captured, the remaining Titans have a showdown with the Terror Titans in Clock King’s time dimension, where the time tinkerer is stymied by Ravager, who possesses similar precognitive abilities. In the wake of their confrontation, Ravager leaves the team. First full appearances of the Terror Titans, Clock King II, Dreadbolt, Copperhead II, Persuader III and Disruptor II.
Terror Titans #1-6 [2008-2009]: They stood against the Teen Titans, and now the Terror Titans spin off into their own miniseries! Clock King hatches a plan for his team of teenage legacy villains, as well as their deadly new member – the Teen Titans’ own Ravager! But if he’s to succeed, Clock King must first stabilize the underground metahuman gladiator arena known as the Dark Side Club. Dreadbolt kills his father in issue #3.

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