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Dr. Light

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Dr. Light is a petty thief who derives his fantastic light powers through a high-tech super-suit. Never posing too much of a threat, Dr. Light is more of a nuisance criminal.

Light felt the full fury of Raven’s dark side during one of his crime sprees. Hoping to enhance his abilities, Dr. Light souped up his super suit. But ever the dim bulb, Dr. Light commited a crime the Titans spotted from their living room. Upon encountering Raven again, Light instantly surrendered.

While in the Arctic Circle, the Teen Titans once again took on Dr. Light. He attempted to use Kole’s crystal form as a lens to increase his light-based powers exponentially. But the teen heroes banded together and it was “lights out” for Dr. Light once again.

  • Dr. Light appears briefly in flashback in MAD MOD and X
  • In the comic book series, Dr. Light was actually a dangerous criminal who later became a bumbling fool. It was later revealed that the Justice League tampered with Dr. Light’s mind in an attempt to reform him… but their tampering left Dr. Light with much less intelligence!

Producer Sam Register on Dr. Light: “Dr. Light will show up to be defeated often, just like in the comics.”

Dr. Light is a hapless villian who thought he could make a name for himself by taking down the Teen Titans. He first battled the team in Teen Titans [first series] #44 in 1976. Later, he formed the Fearsome Five [with Psimon, Mammoth, Shimmer and Gizmo] in New Teen Titans #3 [1980].

Titans Together

Rodger Bumpass as Dr. Light

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