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Dorothy Hinckley

Donna Troy’s biological mother

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Dorothy Hinckley had a tough life for someone so young. As a pregnant teenager, her life became even more complicated when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Having nowhere else to turn, she decided to give her child up for adoption. Dorothy met with Elmira Cassiday of Willowbrook Orphanage in Virginia, who agreed to help the lost and lonely young woman. Dorothy eventually gave birth to a daughter, who she named Donna.

Elmira Cassiday recalls the day Donna’s mother gave her away in the classic
“Who Is Donna Troy?” in NEW TEEN TITANS #38 [1984]/

Dorothy, knowing she would soon die, gave her infant daughter a remembrance. It was a hand-made doll from ‘Uncle Max,’ a kind gentleman who crafted toys for local poor children. The doll had an inscription that read, “Hello, my name is Donna.”

Donna was later adopted by Fay and Carl Stacey. Dorothy was taken to a hospital and died shortly afterward. Donna’s doll later became a vital clue when Dick Grayson helped to unravel Donna Troy’s past.

Elmira Cassiday helps Donna unlock the secrets
of her past in the classic “Who Is Donna Troy?” in
NEW TEEN TITANS #38 [1984].

Essential Reading

New Teen Titans #38 [1984]: Dick Grayson works to help Donna Troy discover the truth about her past; Donna meets Elmira Cassiday – the woman who ran the orphanage where she once temporarily resided – and learns that her real mother, Dorothy Hinckley, left her with Elmira because she was dying.


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