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Tempest, Dolphin and Cerdian

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Secret Origin of Dolphin

Dolphin was apparently once a surface child, stolen away by aquatic aliens and mutated to undersea life. She was freed by Kordax, a blond-haired green-skinned former Atlantean. When two US Navy men investigated the sunken wreckage of the ship USS Arabesque, they discovered a beautiful young woman living within, obviously able to survive underwater without drowning. Brought aboard their ship, the young woman was found to have gill-like slits in her neck and slight webbing between her fingers and toes. One of the men named the mysterious woman ‘Dolphin.’ Dolphin couldn’t survive away from the water for long and returned to the seas.

Later, Dolphin joined heroes Immortal Man, Animal Man, Congo Bill, Rick Flag, and Cave Carlson to thwart a scheme of the evil immortal, Vandal Savage. Immortal Man suggested the team remain together and they became known as the Forgotten Heroes. Dolphin remained with the team until its eventual breakup.

Dolphin & Aquaman

After that, Dolphin continued to roam the seas, and occasionally aided other heroes in moments of crisis. Dolphin then came into conflict with the evil Charybdis. She and Aquaman were able to defeat the villain, although it cost Aquaman his hand. Soon after this, Aquaman and Dolphin entered into a romantic relationship.

In the time that followed, Aquaman went through a series of physical and emotional changes, as his appearance became more amphibian and his moods more erratic.His relationship with Dolphin began to dissolve and the couple drifted apart. Aquaman’s life was further complicated by the return of his estranged wife, Mera.

ABOVE: Tempest learns Dolphin is pregnant in AQUAMAN #55 [1999].
BELOW: After wedding Garth, Dolphin visits Tula’s grave in AQUAMAN #60 [1999].

Dolphin & Tempest

With Aquaman growing increasingly distant, Dolphin began to develop feelings for Garth, who had recently returned as the more-confident Tempest. Romance blossomed, but Garth and Dolphin initially concealed their relationship from Aquaman, unsure of what his reaction would be.

Dolphin broke things off with Aquaman, who eventually gave the union his blessing. It proved fortuitous, as Dolphin realized she was pregnant and Garth was the father. The couple was quickly married and Dolphin soon bore a son. Dolphin and Tempest’s first child was named Cerdian by Aquaman as a gesture to the surface-country Cerdia, which had recently fallen under Atlantean control.

ABOVE: Garth and Dolphin celebrate the birth of Cerdian in AQUAMAN #63 [2000].
BELOW: Dolphin gives Tempest an ultimatum in TITANS #47 [2003].

As Garth’s obligations to the Titans increased, he seemed to have trouble balancing his family life with his dedication to the team. Dolphin rectified the situation by moving into the Titans Tower with Cerdian. But soon after, the Titans Tower was destroyed by enemy forces. To put a further strain on the situation, Tempest was almost killed by an addictive drug from a Chemical World. After these events, Dolphin insisted Garth retire from the Titans, and Garth reluctantly complied.

Watery Graves

Garth moved his family to New Atlantis, where he was greeted with suspicion from the new rulers and placed under house arrest. Leaving his wife and small child behind, Tempest used his wizardry to escape Atlantis and sought Aquaman for help. Eventually, the sorcerers’ rule was overturned and Atlantis was restored. Before its citizens could celebrate, Atlantis was attacked by the Spectre, who was driven mad when he lost his human host. As Spectre razed Atlantis to the ground, Tempest and several Atlantean mystics unsuccessfully tried to combat him. With Atlantis destroyed, only Tempests’ tattered costumed was found.

Tempest later returned and began to search for his lost wife and and child. Tragically, he soon discovered the corpses of Dolphin and Cerdian in the ruins of Atlantis.

Tempest buries Dolphin and Cerdian in  TITANS #15 [2010].

Powers & Abilities

Dolphin is an Olympic level swimmer with enhanced strength and durability. She can also communicate with dolphins.

Essential Reading

Showcase #79: First appearance of Dolphin. 
Aquaman #36-37 [1997]:
Aquaman discovers that Garth and Dolphin are romantically involved. Still rather unstable from his recent changes, Aquaman imagines beating Garth within an inch of his life. Garth later reveals he didn’t know Dolphin was romantically involved with his former mentor, and Dolphin felt their relationship died long ago. Aquaman accepts their relationship, with his eventual blessing.
Aquaman #55-56 [1999]:
Dolphin announces she is pregnant. Garth is initially shaken, and seeks counsel from the shark-woman, Letifos; When Garth sees Garth with Letifos, she jumps to the wrong conclusion and is heartbroken. All is made well when Garth returns to Dolphin to propose marriage. She accepts.
Aquaman #60 [1999]: It’s the wedding of Tempest and Dolphin, guest-starring the Titans! But when the celebration is interrupted by a mindless menace, the Titans must team up with best man Aquaman to stop it. Marriage of Garth and Dolphin.
Aquaman #63 [2000]: Sometime in the future, a girl named Donna writes the Atlantis Chronicles, and contacts Tempest to clarify some of the history she’s recording. Tempest starts relating the war with Cerdia. Meanwhile, in the present, Dolphin gives birth to Tempest’s son. The ‘Cerdian War’ arc concludes with issue #68. Birth of Cerdian, Garth’s son. Garth names his son Cerdian in Aquaman #70.
Titans #29-30 [2001]: Dolphin and Cerdian move into Titans Tower.
Titans #47 [2003]: Dolphin insists Garth quit the Titans.
Infinite Crisis #2-3 and Aquaman #37:[2006]:Tempest and a group of mystics fight to defend Atlantis, which is being attacked by the Spectre, who has been driven mad upon losing his human host. The Spectre razes Atlantis to the ground, killing many of its inhabitants. Deaths of Dolphin and Cerdian, although this is not confirmed until Titans #15 (2009).
Aquaman #38:[2006]: Aquaman and Aquagirl mourn the destruction of Atlantis, and the deaths of Kordyak and Vulko. Tempest, Dolphin and Cerdian remain missing in the wake of the attack.
Titans #15 [2009]: After discovering the dead bodies of Dolphin and Cerdian in the ruins of Atlantis, Tempest ponders his future. Slizzath returns with warnings of the Black Lanterns’ arrival. After some soul searching, Tempest assumes his new role as leader of Atlantis. Deaths of Dolphin and Cerdian confirmed.


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