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Ding Dong Daddy Dowd

The Titans meet Ding Dong Daddy in the classic TEEN TITANS #3 [1966].


Ding-Ding Daddy Dowd is a hot-rod hipster who runs an illegal chop shop, stealing whatever parts he needs to create custom getaway cars.

When Speedy went on his first date with Wonder Girl, he borrowed his mentor’s sports car. The date ended in disaster when the wheels were stolen by Ding-Dong Daddy, who intended to strip the car in his chop shop. Ultimately, he was prevented from doing so by Wonder Girl.

A short time later, The President’s Commission on Education asked the Teen Titans to help deal with the problem of High School dropouts. In the town of Harrison, the young heroes discovered dropouts being hired by Ding-Dong Daddy Dowd, proprietor of a custom hot-rod and bike shop. Uncovering evidence that Dowd’s operation was a front for criminals, the Titans went undercover as would-be drop-outs and exposed his schemes, and persuaded his teenage employees to return to school.

Ding Dong Daddy ruins Speedy’s first date with Wonder Girl in TEEN TITANS: YEAR ONE #5 [2008].


When “Ding Dong Daddy” Dowd appeared in the Teen Titans comic book, he was patterned after “Big Daddy” Roth, a famous model-car customizer. Although Ding Dong Daddy had exactly one appearance, he’s one of the most fondly remembered villains of the first Teen Titans series. He’s often referenced along with Mad Mod – another outlandish adversary that fans took a liking to. Ding Dong Daddy has also appeared in the fifth season of Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans series in 2005.


Essential Reading

Teen Titans #3 [1966]: The Titans go undercover to expose Ding Dong Daddy. First and only appearance of Ding Dong Daddy.
Teen Titans: Year One (6-issue mini-series) #5 [2008]: Speedy and Wonder Girl’s first date ends in disaster when Ding Dong Daddy steals Oliver Queen’s sports car.


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