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Ding Dong Daddy

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Listen up cool cats and cousins: The Ding Dong Daddy is the King of the Road, dig? This hot-rod hipter organizes underground road races for far-out prizes.

The Sultan of the Streets stole Robin’s most prized possession – forcing the Titans into a cross-country road race to get it back. A few road-faring rascals joined the race – including Control Freak, Mad Mod, Mumbo and the mysterious Red X. But Robin crossed the finish line first with the unexpected aid of his rival, Red X.

And The Ding Dong Daddy was sent to the loser’s circle. Total nowheresville. No doubt this devilish driver will return with more ginchy gadgets and wild wheels. Dig it, daddios.

  • David Johansen – the voice of Ding Dong Daddy – is also the singer known as Buster Poindexter. Their famous hit is the perennial party favorite, “Hot! Hot! Hot!” Johansen was also the lead singer in the group, The New York Dolls.
  • When “Ding Dong Daddy” Dowd appeared in the Teen Titans comic book, he was patterned after “Big Daddy” Roth, a famous model-car customizer.
  • Ding Dong Daddy’s hipster dialogue – replete with “cool cats” and “daddios” – was exactly like the dialogue in the early issues of Teen Titans. Writer Bob Haney became notorious for the faux-hipster dialogue in those early issues.
  • Series Story Editor Amy Wolfram later wrote the TEEN TITANS: YEAR ONE mini-series for DC Comics, and brought Ding Dong Daddy into issue #5, where the hip hot-rodder stalled Speedy and Wonder Girl’s first date.

Story Editor Rob Hoegee on REVVED UP: “We had always talked about doing a “Wacky Races” episode. I think long before we even decided to put Ding Dong Daddy in it. We wanted to do that type of “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” meets “Cannonball Run” meets “Wacky Races” meets “Teen Titans.” So as we looked at that story, it seemed like the perfect excuse to use Ding Dong Daddy – who is quite an obscure villain in the comics. And we actually got David Johansen – otherwise known as Buster Poindexter – also former the singer of the New York Dolls – to do the voice for him. That was a great surprise. He really brings that character to life. John Espisito – who wrote REVOLUTION – was the writer on that one. And he did a great job.”

Ding Dong Daddy had exactly one appearance in the original comic book series, in TEEN TITANS #3 [1966]. The President’s Commission on Education asked the Teen Titans to help deal with the problem of High School dropouts. In the town of Harrison, the young heroes discovered dropouts being hired by Ding-Dong Daddy Dowd, proprietor of a custom hot-rod and bike shop. Uncovering evidence that Dowd’s operation was a front for criminals, the Titans went undercover as would-be drop-outs and exposed his schemes, and persuaded his teenage employees to return to school.

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David Johansen as Ding Dong Daddy

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