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Dimension X Aliens

The sinister Dimension X Aliens


The Titans investigated an incident where high school students were being kidnapped by aliens from Dimension X and were being replaced by duplicates. The high school was a base for a plan of alien takeover. Kid Flash used his vibration powers to sever the link between earth and Dimension X.

The treachery of these aliens resurfaced soon after. The aliens backed a criminal organization (headed by a man referred to as “The Fat Man”) that tried to pave the way for their eventual plan of invasion. The aliens tried to release a monstrous creature known as Meroul Being from their dimension. Their plan was thwarted by The Teen Titans with the aid of the costumed hero known as Joshua.

The Teen Titans would battle the Dimension X aliens once more. In the ensuing battle, The Teen Titans discovered another dimension, with one sole sentient being. This sentient being aided the Titans in the form of an archer (in imitation of Speedy) and drove the Dimension X aliens back to their own world. This sentient being assured the Titans that these Dimension X Aliens will not bother them again.

Years later, The Dimension X aliens attempted another invasion of earth, only to come into conflict with Booster Gold. Booster battled the X-Aliens to thwart their plans, until he found himself in a double-bind: he could save his sister’s life, or stop the invasion of Earth! Sadly, Booster’s sister Michelle perished as Booster defeated the aliens.


Essential Reading

Teen Titans #16 [1968]: First appearance of Aliens of “Dimension X.” The Teen Titans discover that Hillsdale High actually is the secret base for an alien takeover, and that the school principal is one of the extra-dimensional alien leaders. Entering “Dimension X,” they rescue Chet and his fellow students. First appearance of Dimension X.
Teen Titans #21-22 [1969]: Speedy and Wonder Girl are left to search for Robin and Kid Flash, who are still prisoners of the Dimension X aliens. The battle between Titans and aliens is cut short when a community-intelligence being, the sole sentient native of the newly discovered dimension, takes on the form of a giant archer in imitation of Speedy, and drives the minions of Dimension X back to their own world.
Booster Gold #20-22 [1987]: The “Aliens from Dimension X” are back, and Booster Gold’s got them. The aliens (who originally appeared in the original Teen Titans #16, 20-22) have been discovered by Booster’s sister Michelle, who is using the Goldstar costume. When she is kidnapped by the aliens, Booster must search for her – finding his way into Dimension X (in issue #21) Booster battles the X-Aliens to thwart their plans, until he finds himself in a double-bind: he can save his sister’s life, or he can stop the invasion of Earth! “He can’t save both,” says creator Dan Jurgens, “so he has to make a very frightening decision.”


Sources for this entry: The Official Teen Titans Index [published by ICG in 1985], supplemented by

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