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Slade Wilson, A.K.A. Deathstroke The Terminator, is one of the most dangerous men in the world. A highly trained mercenary and bounty killer, there is no job that he deems impossible. Clearly a villain, Deathstroke still operates within his own sense of morality. He will never leave a contract incomplete, knowing that his business will only be as good as his word. That said, he would kill anybody without hesitation if he feels the ends justify the means.

Deathstroke’s lifestyle has taken him all over the world, leaving a trail of blood and horror in his wake. His operations with the highly classified Team 7 and many of his other contracts have left him with countless enemies, something Deathstroke is more than happy to rectify…with his gun. Perhaps Slade’s only weakness is his interactions with his family members, of whom the total number is currently unknown.

Powers & Abilities

Deathstroke’s speed, strength and higher brain functions have all been enhanced, making his combat prowess even more deadly. He is also a master strategist and manipulator…able to win many fights before they’ve even begun.


Essential Reading

Deathstroke #1-7 [2011]: Slade Wilson once ranked as the world’s greatest mercenary. But when his reputation starts to slip, the man known as Deathstroke decides to carve a bloody, gory swatch across the DCU in a quest to show the world what exactly makes him the best. But things get increasingly more intense when Slade’s would-be usurper is revealed to be his own son, Grant. First DCnU appearance of Deathstroke in issue #1. First DCnU appearance of Grant Wilson in issue #5. First DCnU appearance of Adeline Kane in issue #6.
Deathstroke #0 [2011]:Learn what horrors led Slade Wilson to become Deathstroke – the most dangerous killer in the world! More on the history of Team 7 and the first appearance of a fan-favorite character in The New 52! First DCnU appearance of Joseph Wilson a.k.a. Jericho.
Ravagers #7 [2012]: Deathstroke takes in interest in the Ravagers and Rose Wilson.

Kyle Higgins on The DCnU Deathstroke

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Nrama: Let’s talk about how you first heard you’d be working on Deathstroke. Was this something you started working on before you got the opportunity to write Nightwing, or later?

Higgins: Deathstroke came up first, actually. They wanted something dark and edgy but fun and kind of balls-to-the-wall. To me, Deathstroke has always been an awesome character. It’s someone that I’ve always been fascinated by.

Over the last 10 years of so, though, I feel like he’s been a little overused. Every time a villain is needed to really bump up a final reveal, Deathstroke seems to be a prime candidate. And that’s cool in one way, because he’s a great character. But the problem is that he always loses. So at a certain point you start to look at the character and go, “Why is this guy supposed to be scary again?” That’s something that I really wanted to counter.

So, this is a book where Deathstroke is a major badass. We’re going to show why he’s the greatest mercenary assassin in the DC Universe.

We’ll be playing with some superhero stuff, but primarily, at this point, it’s about the mercenary underworld, and the impossible jobs and impossible targets that he’s going after.

Nrama: How would you describe Deathstroke?

Higgins: To me, Deathstroke is the best he is at what he does. I hate to use the Wolverine line, but that’s how I would describe him. He’s a meta-human mercenary. He’s got enhanced reflexes, speed, strength… and on top of that, he’s a master strategist. He’s using something like 96 percent of his brain. So there’s a lot of manipulation and there’s a lot of strategy in everything he does.

He’s at a level where, to him, it’s all kind of a game. Life, the world, etc., is there to be played. And killing and doing what he does for his legacy or his reputation — that’s the absolute most important thing to him. Family dies, friends disappoint, but legacy is forever.

Everything he’s doing at this point is built on that idea. Without it, he doesn’t have much else.

Nrama: In recent years, there has been a lot of development of Deathstroke as he relates to his kids. Will that be part of this comic?

Higgins: No, this is Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, on his own, redefining himself and re-establishing why he is the most bad-ass killer/mercenary in the DC Universe.

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