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DCnU Cover Homage by John Trumbull

Every week, the Comics Should Be Good blog at CBR runs a feature, “The Line It Is Drawn.” Each week, a group of artists (including myself) chooses a piece based on Twitter feed suggestions around a theme. For Cover Homage week, one fan suggested “Uncanny X-Men #141 as a DCNu parody: various poster characters listed as Rebooted, Never Existed…”

Artist John Trumbull did a fantastic job in a hilarious piece that features fan-favorites Wally West and Donna Troy:

I love all the various notices over the faces. Bravo, John!

You can find more of John’s work on his Deviant Art Page, and more from “The Line It Is Drawn” here!

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    Love this. Points out all the positive and negative aspects of the new 52 in one image.