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Dark Nemesis

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Roll call! Dark Nemesis first appeared in TEEN TITANS #7 [1997].

Roll Call

Axis: Acting as team leader of Dark Nemesis, Axis is cunning and ruthless. This blue-skinned psi-warrior is able to sense emotional weakness in her opponents and compromise their ability to fight.

Blizzard: Not much recorded data is available on Blizzard. He possesses extreme cold-based powers, and was discovered at a ‘very special orphanage’ by Axis.

Scorcher: Also discovered at a ‘very special orphanage’ by Axis, Scorcher has heat based powers that work as a counterpoint to Blizzard’s. When Scorcher was revealed as an alien-human hybrid created by the dreaded H’San Natall, Axis killed her and framed Risk for the murder.

Scorcher II: A dead wringer for the original, the heat-powered Scorcher II was recruited after the death of the first Scorcher.

Carom: Carom is a speed demon who ricochets off walls at amazing speeds.

Vault: Using energy-matter transference, Vault can create individual prisons that cancel out an opponent’s power. The mute powerhouse is also Axis’ lover, and  he does whatever she commands.

Dark Nemesis in TEEN TITANS #21 [1997].


A high-powered collection of criminals, Dark Nemesis is willing to work for anyone if the money is good. The group was hired by a mysterious organization known as The Veil, who wished to engage the Teen Titans in combat to test their abilities.

After a heated battle with the Teen Titans, all members except Scorcher were captured. During an attempt to break out her teammates, Scorcher felt a psychic connection to Risk. This alerted them both to the fact she was H’San Natall offspring. Before she was able to rendezvous with her teammates, Scorcher saved the lives of Atom and Risk. In the wake of this mission, Axis began to suspect that Scorcher was a H’San Natall alien-human hybrid.

Later, Dark Nemesis was once again contracted by The Veil. As part of the plan, Axis killed Scorcher and framed Risk for her murder. The Titans were discredited and Dark Nemesis had accomplished their mission. The Titans eventually cleared Risk of all charges, although Dark Nemesis remained at large.

Sometime after this, Dark Nemesis recruited Scorcher II to replace the first Scorcher.

Dark Nemesis was later hired by a mysterious boss to acquire information on the diet supplement known as Apex. Before they were able to acquire the files, they were easily taken down by a refocused group of Titans.


Essential Reading

Teen Titans #7-8 [1997]: Pylon has hired a deadly group called the Dark Nemesis to exterminate the Titans. First Appearance of Dark Nemesis in issue #7.
New Year’s Evil: Dark Nemesis #1 [1998]: Scorcher organizes a prison break-out, and it is revealed she is a H’San Natall offspring.
Teen Titans #21 [1998]: Dark Nemesis is once again under the employ of The Veil. As part of the plan, Axis kills Scorcher and frames Risk for her murder. The Titans are discredited and Dark Nemesis accomplishes their mission.
Titans (first series) #39 [2002]: Dark Nemesis is hired by a mysterious boss to acquire information on the diet supplement known as Apex. Before they can acquire the files, they are easily taken down by a refocused Titans. First appearance of Scorcher II, who replaced the first deceased Scorcher in Dark Nemesis.
Titans (second series) #21 [2008]: The Titans quickly dispatch Dark Nemesis once again.


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