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Dan Jurgens Teen Titans: AOL chat

Dan Jurgens Teen Titans: AOL chat
This is an abbreviated version of the Dan Jurgens chat on 8/26/96.

I have eliminated non-essential stuff to make it more of a Q&A type article.

Zero Draw : Hello, everyone.
N8TWING : Dan: Are any of the 4 new Titans a favorite of yours?
So far, Cody strikes me as my favorite.
Zero Draw : N8T: I’d have to say Prysm is my favorite so
far. It changes from day to day.
N8TWING : Dan: Will all Teen Titans (except Atom) spring from
the ‘Titan moon’ experiment?
Zero Draw : N8T: Most of them will. However, we plan to
keep a surprise or two up our sleeve.
SOTOCOLOR : Dan- Did you know that “JOTO”Is spanish slang for
“Homosexual”? Why choose that name?
Zero Draw : SOTO: No, i didn’t know that. You want a job
as a consultant?
N8TWING : dan: Any plans to have Mr. Jupiter’s Titans enter the
picture (such as Lilith, Roy Harper or Mal)?
Zero Draw : N8T: yes, we’ll have some earlier Titans
showing up soon.
Zero Draw : Glide: Yes, I’ll be drawing Superman 121 as
well as part of a VERY special Superman
project coming up in October.
Proton5 : Were you like Cody Driscoll as a teenager?
Zero Draw : Proton: Yeah, I made it a practice to sneak
into NORAD.
N8TWING : Dan: Any plans to update old Titans villains? I keep
hearing rumors about the Mad Mod…
Zero Draw : N8T: Strangely enough, the Mad Mod may just
show up one of these days.
Trish Mvhl : hello Pauly baby
Glider8 : Dan: How long do you plan to stay with the Teen
Zero Draw : Glider: A lonnnnng time.
SOTOCOLOR : Zero Draw- Someone compared the new Titans to the
“Casual Heros” book, from Image.
Zero Draw : SOTO: I haven’t read it.
Raishalgol : Probably hear that all the time though
LBMGMD : Wow… it’s official now? The wedding is in 4 months?
Zero Draw : LBM: Yes.
BradTigerT : Dan, the REAL WEDDING, no I’m marring a clone, oh
what that’s already been done in comics
Zero Draw : Brad: Yep. It’s the real deal. See the
story in the new Comic Shop News for details.
Slius : Dan how does it feel to do Titans after wolfman and
Zero Draw : Slius: It’s an honor.
Proton5 : How did you like Mark Waid’s and Alex Ross’s take on
Superman in KINGDOM COME?
Zero Draw : Proton: Superman would not have run away to
hide in his Fortress, living a fantasy life…
Zero Draw : …watching earth’s events without responding.
N8TWING : Dan: Can you eloborate a bit on your Favorite Titans
characters/stories? Any fav unused Titans?
Zero Draw : N8T: So far I like them all. I haven’t
developed any favorites. I do like Starfire,
and of all the old Titans will probably use her
Killsmile : Dan– how did the decision to revamp the titans come
Zero Draw : Kill: I feel the previous crew of Titans and
gotten too old. They weren’t teens any longer and some of them went through substantial
changes which made them less interesting.
Slius : Dan do you think this team is powerful enough?
BradTigerT : Dan: Does George Pérez plan on doing any writting or
Art for Titans?
Zero Draw : Brad: George is just inking so far.
N8TWING : Dan: Judging from FINAL NIGHT, the door is open for
Starfire to return to earth….
Zero Draw : N8T: how perceptive of you.
G Lant : Dan-How long to you plan to write Superman?
Zero Draw : Brad: George is just inking so far.
Zero Draw : GLant: A lonnnnng time.
Slius : Dan do you think this team is powerful enough? It just does’nt seem like they have the raw power the
others did
Zero Draw : Slius: They’re young. They’ll grow into
their powers and display more as they learn
Zero Draw : to use them.
N8TWING : Dan: The Atom is in a strange predicament. Aren’t his
hormones raging, but with a 30-something maturity?
Zero Draw : N8T: Yes. That’s true. Those age quirks
will cause problems as the book continues.
Zero Draw : BB: We have a very special story planned for
a JLA/Titans meeting.
Zero Draw : Quirky: The Titans are already young and they
will stay that way. The older Titans,
Zero Draw : if they show up, will be older.
Slius : Dan : Do you plan on increasing the membership or are
you staying at 5
Zero Draw : Slius: The membership will increase.
N8TWING : Dan: Omen suspiciously reminds me of Raven…
coincidence, or more??
Zero Draw : N8T: You’ll have to keep reading.
Slius : Dan when is #2 scheduled to hit the stands
Zero Draw : Slius: In one month. Sheeesh!
Glider8 : Dan: Which is hard work for you? Writing or
Zero Draw : Glider: Writing is harder for me.
N8TWING : Dan: I hear Wildcat is slated to be the team’s
mentor. Wouldn’t Arsenal be more suitable…
N8TWING : … in that role (former Titan, knows Mr. Jupiter)?
Zero Draw : Mez: I’ll be in New York for the Dynamic
Forces show at the end of October.
Zero Draw : ‘N8T: We have special plans for Arsenal.
N8TWING : Dan: I am glad to hear that! Poor Roy is the only
original Titan not appearing anywhere!
DCOMLeib : Look for Arsenal to show up sometime soon
N8TWING : Dan: Do you know what days you will be at Dynamic
Forces con?
Zero Draw : I think the dates are October 24-26.
N8TWING : Arsenal teams up with Batman in a PLUS special
N8TWING : Dan: Have you seen any posts on the net about the TT
preview? I believe people are too quick…
N8TWING : … to judge. They say the dialogue is MTV
slang-wannabe. i don’t see that at all…
Zero Draw : N8T: I haven’t seen the posts yet.
Slius : Dan: Will this titan team have a main headquarters
Zero Draw : Slius: Yes.
N8TWING : Bring back the Titans Lair!
Slius : Dan: Is it gonna be like the Titans Tower of old or
something totally different
Zero Draw : Slius: Totally differnt for now.
Zero Draw : Roger: The wedding news came out in the Comic
Shop News today so it’s no longer a secret.
RogLStern : Dan: Yeah, I know … it’s starting to pop up all
over then ‘net.
N8TWING : Dan: Any plans to ‘fix’ Vic Stone, Gar Logan, Raven
or Terra… all who were left aimless…?
Zero Draw : N8T: Not for now.
N8TWING : Dan: Any chance of seeing Brother Blood, the Fearsome
Five, or any of those guys again?
Zero Draw : N8T: Yes.
QuirkyDude : Dan- do you know if the Linear Men will be back?
Zero Draw : Quirky: Yes. Both will be back.
N8TWING : Hey, maybe we’ll see whtever happened to Azrael…?
Zero Draw : N8T: Maybe.
DAMONO : Zero Draw: which character did you most and least
enjoy drawing in DC v. Marvel?
Zero Draw : DAM: I hated drawing Thor. The new costume
N8TWING : Dan: Any chance of using Extant as a Titans villain
(he was Hank Hall)?
Zero Draw : N8T: A good chance.
N8TWING : Dan: hmmm… using Extant is the perfect opportunity
to bring Terra in (and explain who she is!)
N8TWING : (I know, I’m relentless)
N8TWING : Dan: I know you are a fan of Nightwing. Was it
disappointing not to use him in the book?
Zero Draw : N8T: yes.
N8TWING : dan: That’s disappointing to fans as well; Nightwing
is so strongly linked with the Titans.
Zero Draw : N8T: Nightwing and Robin will guest in Teen
Titans 4 and 5.
OBI WAN 28 : I like marvel, but I think you people at DC treat
your fans better.
Zero Draw : OBI: DC treats everybody better.
BBender897 : Dan: Any new villains planned for Titans
Zero Draw : BB: Lots of new villains.
BBender897 : Dan: How about a Titans/LSH teamup.
Zero Draw : BB: I’m sure we’ll do one someday.
N8TWING : Dan: Mr. jupiter still funded a Titans team (Donna,
Roy, etcc>) post ZERO HOUR… right?
Zero Draw : N8T: Absolutely.
N8TWING : (whew)
N8TWING : Dan: Has (or will) George Pérez assist in plotting or
writing at all on the Titans?
Zero Draw : N8T: No.
Proton5 : Dan: What silver age books did you read growing up?
Zero Draw : Pro: Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash
and my favorites…
N8TWING : Dan: Judging by #5 cover, Robin & Cap Marvel Jr.
appear. Any other young DC heroes scheduled?
Zero Draw : N8T: That’s it for now.
JediX 22 : Dan, I have to ask you this question…why on Earth
go with a completely new cast of new
JediX 22 : characters when there are many GREAT teen heroes in
the DC universe??
Zero Draw : Jedi: Because most of them already have their
own books which makes character…
Zero Draw : …development and interaction impossible.
However, given time, some of them will join as
Zero Draw : we expand the roster.


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