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Alias: LeTonya Charles

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LeTonya Charles almost destroyed her body from the inside out with the drug known as Tar. Grafted with powerful cybernetic implants, LeTonya was saved from near death by her aunt, Dr. Sarah Charles. Unlike the heroic Cyborg, who used his newfound abilities to become a hero, LeTonya was irresponsible and greedy. She used her cybernetic gifts to bribe, steal and plunder.

LeTonya Charles as Cyborgirl.

Dubbing herself Cyborgirl, LeTonya was inducted as a member of Villainy, Inc., a group of criminals gathered by the Atlantean queen Clea. Attempting to overthrow the world of Skartaris, Villainy Inc. was defeated by Wonder Woman.

Cyborgirl joined “The Cyborg Revenge Squad” organized by Mr. Orr, in his efforts to protect Project M, an experimental program using Cyborg’s technology to create cybernetically enhanced super-soldiers. But Cyborg defeated the Revenge Squad and saved The Phantom Limbs by initiating a backdoor program left by his father. This also put an end to Project M.


Essential Reading

Wonder Woman #178-183 [2002]: Wonder Woman’s quest leads to Skartaris, where she confronts the new Villainy, Inc., that’s out to subjugate this world. Only the Amazon Princess can bring peace to the land of Warlords and kings. First appearance of Cyborgirl in issue #179. Origin told in issue #180.
DC Special: Cyborg #5-6 (mini-series) [2008]:Cyborgirl battles Vic Stone as a member of Mr. Orr’s “Cyborg Revenge Squad.”

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