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Cyborg is a hulking mass of man, metal and intricate circuitry. A devastating accident forced him to be rebuilt as a human/robot hybrid. But he does not dwell on that at all – he’s more concerned with what’s in front of him. He has a few tricks up his sleeve – literally – including a powerful sonic cannon, a vice-like mechanical grip and enhanced sight. While he’s a powerful presence in showdowns with villains, Cyborg takes a lower profile back at Titans Tower. He loves hanging out with the other Titans, but he clearly spends a lot of time in the gym, too.

Cyborg has a competitive relationship with his fellow Titan, Robin – which sometimes leads to clashes in leadership. Cyborg’s mettle [or is it metal?] was put to the test when he encountered Brother Blood, the evil leader of the Hive Academy. Cyborg was able to resist Brother Blood’s mind-controlling abilities, which intrigued Blood to learn more. Blood used Cyborg’s blueprints and enlisted Professor Chang to give him cybernetic implants to enhance his already formidable mind-controlling abilities.

Meanwhile, Cyborg had joined Titans East as their leader in an effort to strike it out on his own. Now using Cyborg’s new Titans East teammates against him, Blood had the upper hand. But one thing Brother Blood didn’t count on was Cyborg’s human spirit – his drive and determination – which is what defeated Blood in the end. At that moment, Cyborg realized he didn’t need his own team or arch-foe to become a man… He had already become one.

  • Cyborg uses the alias “Stone” in DECEPTION. In the comic book series, Cyborg’s real name is Victor Stone.
  • In the comic book, Cyborg’s father was the person who secretly built the Titans Tower as a gift to his son.

Producer Glen Murakami on Cyborg: “My biggest concern with Cyborg is how to make him look like a robot without looking clunky. I wanted his overall silhouette to look human. I didn’t want him to look like he just had robotic limbs. That was my biggest problem; So that’s how I ended up with those clear parts. He kind of has a real Micronaut look. That was the idea.   And I grew up watching a live-action Japanese show called Kikaida and I think subconsciously I channeled that too. I’m realizing that a lot of stuff with Titans is stuff I grew up with. All those shows I watched as kid mixed with all the comics that I liked.”

A promising star athlete, Vic Stone was injured in an explosion at STAR Labs. His father replaced the ruined parts at his body with cybernetic implants, which gave him super-strength, enhanced speed and a wide variety of special weapons, including lasers, sonic disruptors and advanced computer hardware. Cyborg first appeared and joined the New Teen Titans in NEW TEEN TITANS #1 [1980].

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Khary Payton (the voice of Cyborg)
Khary Payton provides the voice for Cyborg, the half-robot, half-man member of the Teen Titans, sort of the equivalent to a human Swiss Army knife. This video game loving teen still has a lot to learn about controlling his powers and his temper. This is Khary’s first starring role as the voice of an animated character, although he has appeared in several feature films in his acting career. (Source: Cartoon Network official press kit)

The animated Cyborg and his comic book counterpart

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