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Councilwoman Elizabeth Alderman

New Titans Adversary

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Councilwoman Elizabeth Alderman prided herself on knowing a good opportunity when she saw one. And the destruction of Titans Tower provided the cagey Councilwoman with an intriguing new political platform.  Labeling the New Titans as a menace, she railed against the young heroes as a danger to the city due to their numerous battles with costumed adversaries. Alderman even filed various lawsuits against the team, citing extensive property damage incurred during their conflict with the Wildebeest Society.

In truth, Alderman’s headline-grabbing platform was merely a means to an end. The calculating Councilwoman was determined to be the next mayor of New York City.

Liz Alderman makes her intentions known  in NEW TITANS #79 [1991].

Alderman’s plans were forestalled when her office was visited by Raven, who had been reborn as an evil avatar of Trigon. Raven  – seeking to continue her father’s fiendish legacy – implanted a Trigon seed in Alderman. This warped the Councilwoman’s emotions as her body and soul now belonged to Raven. Already a thorn in the Titans’ side, Alderman increased her harassment campaign while under Raven’s control.

Raven later learned she required super-human vessels to host the souls of Trigon’s unborn progeny. Alderman’s mortal form proved too weak to carry the demon-spawn, forcing the Councilwoman to be committed to the Nordling Asylum. Shortly thereafter, the strain proved too great and Alderman died.

But the damage done by Alderman’s campaign lingered, as the Titans dealt with mounting lawsuits and increased public scrutiny. The team was eventually pressured to place themselves under the government’s watchful eye, with Sarge Steel was their chief liaison. At that point, Nightwing stepped down as leader and allowed Arsenal to take command.

Alderman is corrupted by Raven in NEW TITANS #97 [1993].


 Essential Reading

New Titans #79 [1991]: Councilwoman Elizabeth Alderman begins her crusade against the Titans as a platform in her bid for mayor. First appearance of Elizabeth Alderman.
New Titans #85 [1992]: Councilwoman Elizabeth Alderman discredits the Titans on television, blaming them for destruction of public property.
New Titans #97 [1993]: In her office, Liz Alderman is visited by a mysterious presence [later revealed to be Raven] who warps her emotions.
New Titans #98 [1993]: Liz Alderman does Raven’s bidding, under Raven’s thrall.
New Titans #105 [1994]: A now-insane Liz Alderman is brought into the Nordling Asylum.
New Titans #112 [1994]: It is revealed Liz Alderman has died, her mortal body rejecting the powerful Trigon seed.


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