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Convergence: Titans #1 Preview

Courtesy of Newsarama:

This issue, entitled “Try For Justice,” begins with picking up where Roy left off after the end of Villains for Hire. Not with a new Titans team, but stuck in Gotham City thanks to Brainiac’s dome.

Roy seems to legitimately be doing better than when we last saw him. He doesn’t blame himself for Lian’s death anymore, which he shouldn’t have done anyway, and he actually has a new prosthetic arm instead of the terrible one Cyborg made him. Thanks to a grant from the Wayne Foundation, Roy opened a center for the displaced families of Gotham. The people who were trapped inside Gotham even though they didn’t live there, and it seems to be doing a lot of good.

The center is called Lian’s Place.

We haven’t seen Lian yet and it appears she hasn’t been revived just yet. We do get another quick recap of Roy’s life, and it looks as though Roy is still having nightmares about her death.

I really hope we’re able to get a happy ending from this story. I really do.

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