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Control Freak

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He’s one of the most frightening thoughts brought to life: a sci-fi nerd with superpowers. Control Freak is an obsessive fanboy whose technical wizardry has furnished a high-tech remote control device. This remote is able to animate inanimate objects and control various electrical devices.

The Teen Titans defeated the freak geek when he ran amok at a video store. His initial defeat encouraged him to plot his revenge – in the form of a sequel. Upon escaping prison, Control Freak hot-wired some high-end A/V equipment and escaped into a TV. set, forcing the Titans to make their way through the wacky world of television. The Titans eventually defeated Control Freak — once again putting him on hiatus.

Control Freak returned to complete a trilogy of terror by devising “The Ultimate Titans Challenge”, a series of events designed specifically to challenge the Teen Titans. But when the frightening fanboy faced the Titans East team instead, they declared “game over” to Control Freak’s latest scheme.

  • FEAR ITSELF features the debut of Control Freak – a villain that writer Dwayne McDuffie created but never used when he was writing the ‘Impulse’ comic book series.
  • Control Freak’s remote control makes the same sound as a transporter from the original Star Trek TV show.
  • Control Freak’s mug shot in EPISODE 257-494 shows the number “257-325” – which is the production number of FEAR ITSELF, Control Freak’s first appearance.
  • Writer David Slack is a big fan of the Japanimation series, “Battle of the Planets” – which has multiple references in the episode, EPISODE 257-494.

Producer/Story Editor David Slack on Control Freak: “We created Control Freak in the second season. Dwayne McDuffie named him, and he was one of those villains we used for just one fight scene, but we always felt there was more we could do with him. Alex Polinsky did such a great job with the voice, and the design is hilarious. Since we knew we were going to be doing stuff with Raven in the fourth season, we knew it was going to get harder and harder to do such a broad episode later in season four, so we decided to start the season with one big romp. We started with the idea that Control Freak would somehow get the Titans stuck in the TV, and the rest is just one big complicated mess. [laughs]”


Control Freak did not appear in the comic books; He was created for the animated series.

Fear Itself
Episode 257-494
For Real

Alexander Polinsky as Control Freak

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