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Commissions & Sketches: Set 1

My First Titans Sketches and Commissions

Legend: Flash by Mike Wieringo (New York City 1996), Impulse by Rumberto Ramos (New York City 1996), Nightwing by Craig Rousseau (New York City 1999), Robin by Bob Smith (Store appearance in 1999, Stamford, CT), Nightwing by Jimmy Palmiotti (New York City 2000),  Nightwing by George Perez (Pittsburgh, 2001),  Nightwing by Scott McDaniel (Pittsburgh, 2001) Arsenal by Billy Dallas Patton (Pittsburgh, 2001) Flash by Ethan Van Sciver (New York City 2001) Deathstroke by Pat Quinn (WizardWorld Philadelphia, 2002), Starfire by Mike Miller San Diego (Comic Con 2002), Cyborg by Carlos D’Anda (New York City 2002),  Nightwing by Jamal Igle (New York City 2002),  Nightwing by Michael Avon Oeming (New York City 2002), Troia & Wonder Woman by Phil Jimenez (New York City 2002), Nightwing by Ron Lim (San Diego Comic Con 2002) Troia by Ale Garza (San Diego Comic Con 2002) Aqualad by Jeff Parker (San Diego Comic Con 2002) Kid Flash by Gregg Schiegel (San Diego Comic Con 2002) Speedy by Nick Derington (Dallas 2003, Thanks to Marcus Mebes), Deathstroke by Steve Erwin (Dallas Con 2003, Thanks to Marcus Mebes)

Wizard World Philadelphia 2003

Legend: Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Aqualad and Speedy by Nick Cardy, Arsenal by Tom Raney, Rose Wilson and Deathstroke by Sergio Cariello, Starfire and Flash by Mike Wieringo, Nightwing by Rick Leonardi

NYC Madison Square Garden 2003


Legend: Nightwing by Art Thibert, Nightwing by Chris Batista, Nightwing by Scott Hanna, Nightwing by Tom Raney, Impulse by Craig Rousseau, Kole by Jose Garcia Lopez, Terra by Kevin Maguire, Tempest by Phil Jimenez

Additional Commissions 2003

Legend: Wonder Girl by Tim Seeley (San Diego Comic Con 2003), Robin by Erik Larsen (San Diego Comic Con 2003), Tempest by Patrick Gleason (San Diego Comic Con 2003),  Aqualad by Ramona Fradon (Commission from 2003), Nightwing by Jim Lee (New York City Book Fair 2003),  Flash by Scott Kolins (Wizard World Baltimore 2003 Thanks, Chris!) Wonder Girl by Dick Giordano (Commission from 2003)


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