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Comic Book Legends #286

The excellent “Comic Book Legends Revealed” column at CBR shines a light on Robin this week:

COMIC LEGEND: Robin was forced upon Bob Kane.


A couple of years back, reader Jason wrote to me to ask:

I’ve heard from many people that Bob Kane hated the idea of Robin and really fought against his inclusion in Detective Comics but eventually relented and let DC have their way. Is this true, or was Robin a Kane creation (or Finger creation, Robinson, etc)?

The likely basis for this suggestion was that Kane did, indeed, prefer Batman working solo and was fairly vocal about it when asked about the topic. In addition, Robin was not a Kane idea, but a character created at the behest of Bill Finger, so it is reasonable to believe that Kane was not on board.

However, looking back on the recollections of Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson, it appears evident that Kane was fine with the idea of a boy sidekick for Batman.

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