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DCnU: Do You Know Where Your Titans Are?

DCnU: Do You Know Where Your Titans Are?

UPDATE: The solicit to SUPERBOY #3 reveals Rose Wilson will be Superboy’s handler in the DCnU series.

UPDATE: Reports of Donna and Wally appearing in TEEN TITANS #2 have proven to be erroneous. See full story here.

UPDATE: According to the DC Road Show, Donna Troy has been “benched”: “You won’t be seeing Donna Troy yet in the new DCU, nor the Stephanie and Cassandra Batgirls. They haven’t been killed off though, just benched.”

With the flurry of relaunch news, I thought I’d try and catalog where we’ll find our favorite characters come September. I hope to update this list as new information trickles in.

Titans Confirmed to Appear:

Dick Grayson (Nightwing): Starring in his own ongoing, NIGHTWING
Roy Harper (Arsenal): Co-starring in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS
Starfire: Co-starring in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS
Jason Todd (Red Hood): Co-starring in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS
Vic Stone (Cyborg): Co-starring in JUSTICE LEAGUE
Bette Kane (Flamebird): Confirmed to appear in BATWOMAN
Superboy:  Starring in his own ongoing, SUPERBOY; Co-starring in TEEN TITANS
Tim Drake (Robin):  Co-starring in TEEN TITANS
Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl):  Co-starring in TEEN TITANS
Bart Allen (Kid Flash):  Co-starring in TEEN TITANS
Hank Hall (Hawk):  Co-starring in HAWK AND DOVE
Dawn Granger (Dove):  Co-starring in HAWK AND DOVE
Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle): Starring in his own ongoing, BLUE BEETLE
Virgil Hawkins (Static): Starring in his own ongoing, STATIC SHOCK
Slade Wilson (Deathstroke): Starring in his own ongoing, DEATHSTROKE
Rose Wilson: Supporting player in SUPERBOY, as Superboy’s handler

Supergirl is also in her own series, SUPERGIRL, while

Titans M.I.A.:

Here’s a list of the most notably missing, who are currently appearing regularly in the DCU:

Donna Troy: The character has been “benched” post-relaunch, according to the DC Road Show reports
Wally West (Flash (?))
Gar Logan (Beast Boy)
Joe Wilson (Jericho)
Captain Marvel Jr. (and the Marvel Family)
Miss Martian
Zachary Zatara <– possible to appear in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK (Zatanna is a member)
Jackson Hyde (Aqualad) <– likely to appear in AQUAMAN
Lorena Marquez (Aquagirl) <– likely to appear in AQUAMAN

There’s loads of other secondary Titans, too. Too numerous to mention here. Hopefully, we’ll learn more as DC forges ahead.

On the positive side, with the changes in continuity, we might also see some of the great “dearly departed” Titans characters pop up again, like Tempest, Lian Harper, Lilith Clay, Kid Devil, Wintergreen, Adeline Kane, Duela Dent, and scores of others.

Here’s a promising quote from (TEEN TITANS, SUPERBOY and RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS writer) Scott Lobdell, “On the subject of membership, there are a ton of awesome Teen Titans to chose from.  Personally, I would love to see Miss Martian and Offspring and Natasha Irons and Bumblebee and Lilith and Duela Dent and Terra and even Gnarrk on the team — and Blue Beetle and Supergirl and Molecule and Static and Little Barda and Red Devil and a lot of other great characters I would love to read, let alone write.”

UPDATE: Titans fan, Askanipsion,  asked Scott about Lilith on Twitter, here’s the question and Scott’s awesome response:

@ScottLobdell Any chance we will see my favorite Titan Lilith/Omen anytime soon? 
@Askanipsion Gosh I hope so! She rocks! (Would love for her to anchor a sort of “Teen Titans Dark” team! But who listens to me?! =)

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  1. avatar

    I’m just wondering what this might mean for characters who are dead. Tempest (Garth) and Lian Harper. Is DC going to use this opportunity to undo some of the deaths that were done so callously in the last few years. This is the best chance they have of fixing a few things without a complex storyline behind it.

  2. avatar

    RR: that’s what I had hoped when I first heard of the reboot as well (you forgot to mention kid devil and about 3 dozen other titans too) but if Jason Todd is any indication, I wouldn’t hold my breath,

    • avatar

      Well, no I didn’t really forget. I’ll admit Kid Devil would be nice to have back and he MIGHT have enough fan-love to be brought back, but a majority of those dead Titans like Boshido, Panthera and Baby Wilderbeast are C and D level characters who only a small handful of us fans remember. DC isn’t going to put any effort into bringing them back. Lian’s death I could see being undone due to the massive fan outrage, and Garth is an iconic sidekick character, so of course he’ll have a high likelihood of coming back.

      How is Jason Todd an indication? He’s been alive now for years and they’re not going to kill him off considering all the previous effort they put into bringing him back.

      • avatar

        Sorry, I was more than a little grumpy yesterday. But, I imagine, if they’re willing to keep something as slap-dash as “superboy prime punches the universe int he face and jason todd wakes up because of it” I wouldn’t look for them to put a lot of consideration into any other deaths and/or resurrections either.

        • avatar

          Eh, you do have a point there… Honestly, Superboy Punch has to be the biggest WTF moment that DC has done in a long time. Honeslty, I don’t why they didn’t just go with the idea of Ra’s or Talia tossing Jason into the Lazarus pit as a bit middle finger to Bats. It would have been more acceptable than Superboy Prime Punch.

  3. avatar

    I doubt we’ll see Solstice again. At least for a good long while… she was about as Indian as Rose was Cambodian anyway, so it’s not a great loss IMhO.

    But, damn if that isn’t a long list of MIA titans… and that’s JUST the Teen Titans… what about the three missing Batgirls? or a dozen or more other characters spread across the DCoU?

  4. avatar

    At best, Lian and Garth are mentioned as being alive.

    At worst, hopefully the start up writers will just not mention Lian nor Garth. This would at least leave the possability of them not being dead and possibly returning when a story is created for them.

    I suspect that most Titans will come back at some time or other. Though each might be altered “slightly” just as say Cassie, Tim, and Conner were “slightly” altered. In fact after the first 6 or so issues attempting to establish the Teen Titans team, there will probably be a rash of the MIA Titans popping up as the various writers and artists try to “put their mark” on the team. Also DC will use it as a chance to throw more stuff against the wall to see if it sticks.

    Expect the characters to be wearing mostly red and black…looking as what the artist feels is “edgier” then they were…and “darker” of course.

    Can’t wait to see what they do with Mal Duncan as Herald. (that was sarcasim DC!)

    • avatar

      now now, don’t go tempting the hipsters currently running DC

      What’s bothering me, especially in the past few days, is how this seems to all have been pulled out of DC star spangled hole in the past six months. Most of the promo art I have seen has either been recycled cover submits I’ve seen before; and the art that’s not seems to all have been done by the same two or three artists, which would explain the sudden fetish for red and black.

      • avatar

        Yes, it definately feels rushed. The Batman titles were still gearing up on the Batman Inc storyline. There will be little time, if any, to see the repercussions of the latest Rainbow War over in the Green Lantern books. The Teen Titans just introduced one of the few Indian superhero’s and the interviews for that character sounded like the writers were going to have an entirely new mytho for the Titans to follow her into. Then suddenly….

        WHAM! RE-IMAGINING!!!! Like a DC or WB exec had just finished watching the A-Team movie remake on DVD and thought it would be a great idea if DC “re-imagined” their entire line back to the early 1990’s.

        I could have almost understood the transition if it were happening in June just as the Green Lantern movie was coming out or maybe the month after. That would have been a HUGE plug for DC to throw in something about “comics going digital, huh, who would have known?” in the movie. But the re-imagining is coming out three months later. The digitilization of the comics has been around for a while now. So I’d say there’s a strong chance DC decided the big change just too late to coinside with the GL movie opening.

  5. avatar

    Looks like Donna Troy might be in JLI, I hear a Marvel family title will be coming up soon, the resurrected characters from Brightest Day have all found their place, so it will be no surprise if Osiris.

    Raven was in Flashpoint – Secret Seven, meaning theirs a good chance she might be in JLD (she’d be a most likely member to join) other than that I’m really hoping Jericho will return in his former pre-(first) death personality in Deathstroke or Titans…

    Who knows?

    • avatar

      I’d love old school Joey to return.

    • avatar

      The pessimist in me (and the relaunch is doing a lot to draw her out) suggests that we’ll see Raven again as an outright villain. The optimist hopes she’ll be the missing mystic archetype character from JLA.

      Joey, well, I think, with him, it’ll really depend on how they’re going to play his daddy. My hopes are similar, however.

    • avatar

      I don’t think that really is Donna on JLI, which is a shame.

      Second on Raven in JLD and the return of Mute Hero Jericho. If he’s not with his father or in a Titans book, part of me wants to see him in the Outlaws given the book’s ‘redemption’ theme and its already made up of abused Titans. Of course, that also depends on how much pre-reboot contituity DC will keep/alter/erase/etc.

  6. avatar

    Glad to see I’m not the only one making a list ( though I didn’t know Bette was confirmed. And you forgot to mention Damian. I’d love to see more Titans pop up, especially dead ones but I don’t expect to see too many.

    You have a list of those likely to appear that are currently around but what about currently not around? I’d say Don and Holly have a decent chance since their siblings have their own series. Maybe their time and Dove and Hawk will be taken away but hopefully they could at least be alive again. Same goes for Kit since he’s Freddie’s brother (unless that’s been retconned back out) and if the Marvels get a new series.

    Don’t forget that Addie’s already alive again in Flashpoint. And since that’s supposedly leading to the reboot then it’s possible she’ll be around for that too, right?

    And does anyone else find it ironic that Games comes out around the same time as the reboot? Since continuity will change it’s funny that they’re going to publish a book that will no longer be canon.

    • avatar

      I don’t really consider Damian a Titan proper (ducks).

      Don’s dead, likely will remain so (unless they completely redo Dawn’s origin). Holly might pop up. There’s so many Titans I didn’t list – Kole, Red Star, Argent, Risk (will he get his arms back?), Hotspot, Pantha, Bushido, Molecule, Little Barda, etc. With over 70 members, it’s kinda pointless to list them all. I just listed the majot ones currently getting panel time that are currently MIA.

      I did mention Addie Kane and Wintergreen, since Deathstroke has his own series (and, Addie popped up in FLASHPOINT universe). It’s likely they could reappear.

      • avatar

        …is Risk even alive or did he get dead-dead by Superboy Prime when he ripped off the second arm? I can’t remember.

        • avatar

          He hasn’t been shown since so there’s no way to know.

  7. avatar

    So Donna Troy and Cassandra Cain are ‘benched’?

    Another reason for me to feel that washing my hands clean of the DCnU was the right decision for me…

    • avatar

      I was upset about Donna at first, too. But, actually, it might be better this way. Depending on how long this “new DCU” lasts, we may not have to see yet another version/origin for Donna. When they boot the reboot there will be a little less confusion to go around. ;-)

  8. tamaranorbust

    OK, I’m going to say it. It is possible that there is a second wave of announcements coming out for October or later. But the way it looks now – again this could be changed by future solicits – but the way it looks now, the entire continuity of the original Titans has been erased. They have been replaced by YJ characters who are pure JLA legacy characters, in a way that the original Titans were not. It looks like YJ will be the founding Titans in this continuity. This completes a whole process over the last ten years where the classic Titans have been constantly weakened and sidelined.

    Doesn’t anyone else find the possibility that the whole continuity from 1964-2004 – and maybe from 1964-2010 – being erased and YJ marked as the originals is disturbing and wrong, wrong, wrong? I can’t believe fans are not speaking out on this.

    The only positive I see is that some dead Titans might be returned and their characters overhauled, notably Terra, if the JC never happened.

    • avatar

      I’ve been ranting about the erasure of the Titans history since that solicit came out. Unfortunately that was on tumblr and most people I’ve seen there only care about the lack of Donna, Kiran, Steph, and Cass, the latter two of which aren’t even Titans.

      I’d like to see some revived as well. A few of them have a good chance to be. Like my comment earlier stating Don or Holly could be alive in Hawk and Dove even if they aren’t heroes themselves.

  9. tamaranorbust

    Annnd the titans shutout continues
    It’s great that Cyborg is getting a high profile and H and D have their own book. But Nightwing is just a Bat character in Gotham, in a city full of bat characters. It may be that DCnU will be tossed out the window in the 2012 reboot/crossover, which surely must be in the planning. But we don’t know that now. And what it looks like now is that the Titans have been supplanted in their own franchise by a different team with a different mentality. Pretty soon, classic Titans characters will be drafted into the YJ franchise, and rebranded as YJ characters. I don’t mind DC taking risks, bringing in new ideas. I do mind erasing forty years of continuity because the Titans have clearly been on editorial laundry lists for the past decade. To see most of the older titans systematically redefined, repurposed, rebranded, sidelined, killed off, weakened, given brand new personalities, all so they can be jammed into the junior JLA wannabe box (and maintaining JLA at the top of the heap in the thinking of tptb) is not just misguided. It’s an insult to the stories that made the Titans great, especially with Games coming out. I won’t even get into what they are saying to two generations of Titans fans. Again, this could all be erased in 2012, but so far, it looks ill-conceived and like a deliberate gutting of the Titans franchise for marketing purposes.

  10. avatar

    I’m really surprised that Donna, Cassandra and Stephanie are all being benched. I mean they are EXTREMELY popular these days. Stephanie’s Batgirl book has been getting constantly good attention, Cassandra has been a character who fans have been clamoring for since Infinite Crisis, and Donna is simply a beloved character. I don’t understand the reasoning for benching these ladies. If they weren’t selling or if no one wanted to read about them, then okay, I could understand setting them aside, but its not like they were Kid Eternity or Bombshell.

    • avatar

      Well, they probably felt like they simply couldn’t get away with yet another retconning of poor Donna.

      As for Cassandra and Stephanie, well, they would be forced to explain how there were these other two batgirls. Or not… after all, there have still been now many Robins in continuity even though batman is rebooted. Honestly?

      I’ve given up. It seems to me that they could still have pulled off Stephanie with no problem since Tim Drake is still around, just leaving her as Spoiler to his new uberhacker motife. I could easily pull together a story around how they hooked up, but apparently that’s beyond DC at the moment.

      Cassandra Cain though, really doesn’t work unless you have Babs in the chair, because she was only ever batgirl, or a drugged-up queen of the assassins. As much as some of us fanboys love our ninja assassin batgirl, it’s tough to justify her existence in the new reality. (unless you meant another cassie/cassandra and I have missed the point)

  11. avatar

    Yeah, but if they’re rebooting Wonder Woman, and Wonder Girl appears to be unaffiliated with Diana, Donna’s origin would be pretty easy. She’s Diana’s sister on Themyscaria and has similar powers to Diana. No muss, no fuss.

    Stephanie like you said could be regressed to Spoiler, like Dick has gone back to Batman.

    Cassandra meanwhile… Well, you’re right about it depending on Babs, but I think they could still find a way to keep her in regardless.

    Assuming Barbara being crippled is undone, they could still introduce her as a friend of Barbara’s who later got trained by Bruce. After all, the Batman Inc. events still are in continuity no matter what, so she could be around as Blackbat.

    But there is also some indications and fan speculation is that Barbara was still crippled by the Joker in this continuity, but that her new Batgirl costume allows her to fight crime or something (like the Birds of Prey TV show). If that’s the case, Cass’ continuity might still be able to stick.

  12. avatar


    Donna, Raven, and Gar in limbo. Large chunks of Titans history jettisoned. Years, perhaps decades, of character development and advancement discarded. Why should I care about any of these characters if all they are going to end up doing is render moot every story they’ve ever been in?

    The thing that gets me is that DC claims this will streamline their universe and make it more accessible to new readers. The problem I have with this is, rebooting everything only makes it more accessible for those who start at the reboot–give it a few years of stories, and the universe largely becomes just as “convoluted” and “confusing” to new readers as it was before. In the long run, this is not going to change anything.

    Unless I hear some really good news at SDCC, I will most likely be leaving DC in August. Teen Titans #100 will be my last TT issue, as I find nothing in the DCnU worth my time or money.

    • avatar

      Definitely. The problem of accessibility is handled by every instance of episodic fiction, be it comic books, manga, television, movie series, or web comics. Most of them seem to be able to navigate it without major reboots every other year. In just a year, each series is going to have a dozen issues (more if its a bimonthly) to catch up on to be “accessible” by this definition of the word.

      DC’s (and by extension all print comics) problem with accessibility is that more or less the only place to purchase them is in nerd dens. Let’s face it, your average comic book shop is not designed or laid out to encourage new users to “get into” comics. Shelves are not usually labeled, and finding back issues is typically left to the end user to thumb through a long box. (my old place, Spud’s, used to collect them for you in poly bags, but they went under last year) Comics are still not main stream, because the avenue of distribution is pretty narrow and “inaccessible”.

      DC, Marvel, and the rest don’t seem to know jack scitte about how to advertise or distribute effectively on line to people who aren’t already customers. (seriously, when was the last time you saw an add for a DC comic in a banner or pop up?) And while print media is not dead, it is decidedly becoming a second-class citizen to online media.

      Compare that to independent and small-house web comics like keenspot, DrunkDuck, and the various creator-driven collectives, where if you click into even one web comic, you’re usually given links directly to several other web comics, and you have one or two voting systems which also link you to several more comics, AND even give you an incentive to do so. It quickly becomes as self-perpetuating and addictive as reading a wiki.

      Until DC (and by extension again, the other publishers) radically change their distribution model, get books out of the comic shops and back into other venues such as grocery stores, news stands, malls, and book stores, and make a major concerted push into online retail, they will always have “an accessibility problem” no matter how many reboots and prunings they do.

  13. avatar

    Seeing as no one has mentioned it, I desperately want Duela and Lilith back from the dead – Lilith was the 6th Titan EVER and Duela is like the Harley Quinn for Teen Titans

    • avatar

      You do know that if they come back, they’ll probably not be the versions of the character you grew up with right? :-(

  14. avatar

    Tell me that theres nothing to be afraid of as we sprint toward September. Please…

  15. avatar

    Crap! I just realized, they said Duela Dent came from another Earth. If they bring her back that’s going to muck things up even more than when her origin was still ambiguous.

    • avatar

      Does this mean “CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS” didnt happen? Or are the other Earths that disappeared and came back never going to leave?

      • avatar

        The other Earth still exist (DC has mentioned it), but I thinking the original Crisis was erased, so as to avoid the continuity confusion that is connected to it.

    • avatar

      Not necessarily. History may have been rebooted on all the earths, so Duela could come back as an entirely new characters in all regards.

      • avatar

        I know, it makes my head hurt that they are still trying to keep a lot of monumental stuff, BUT cram it all down into 5 years… i think Crisis is on that list of “to keep”

        side note, my sister was in town from dinner, and we went to our usual burger joint (The Canteen, you may vaguely recall it as a presidential stop from 2008 in Iowa) and it happens to look onto the back of the local comic book store. she asked if i wanted to stop in, and I said that no, I don’t like it any more. She asked if I meant that store, and i said, no, the things they are doing in comics.

        • avatar

          I hope they don’t keep it. I like the story yes, but if they’re trying to simplify the DCU for new readers, that has to be the first thing to go, because we can pretty much pin-point every major continuity confusion to that storyline (i.e. Donna Troy’s mulitple-origins, Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s multiple origins, the Legion of Super-Hero issues, etc…)

  16. tamaranorbust

    You know, Doug Hazlewood is on ebay right now selling original art from TT 88, 90, 91. In the descriptions, he says, ‘With the coming of the DC Reboot this m[a]y be the last of the ‘classic’ Titans!’ which supposedly makes the art more collectable I guess.

    It’s so depressing, if Titans and NTT continuities are almost completely wiped, I don’t really want to buy any new DC books, even though under normal circumstances I would buy some reboot books. My heart’s not in it. I’d rather go on ebay and buy golden age sci-fi pulps – that is, real collectables, not 52 #1s that will be overinflated in terms of quantity. If I want them later, I’ll be able to buy whole lots of the 52 #1s in a couple of years at half the cover price.

    DC painted itself into this corner with the Titans through poor management, kill strategies and hopeless writing for decades. And now that they’ve made the mess, they want to toss the Titans rather than trying to fix them. If this turns out to be a big fakeout and they bring them back next year, it will be nice, but talk about stringing the fans along to make a buck. If they reboot the Titans under those conditions, I’d still be bitter. And if they wipe the Titans, I don’t see why I should collect these series further.

  17. avatar

    If they were trying to simplify the story, you’re correct. ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ should go. So many other stories that really are confusing revolve around that. But I mean really there were a couple things in ‘The darkest Night/Brightest Day’ stories that were a little confusing to me. What was the Hawks story on Earth 1 that was the ‘real’ story. The one that was portrayed there I thought was from one of the other Earths. And the whole Auquaman/Mera thing…which Aquaman is the current. Garth is dead, I knew that one. How much of it is even going to be relevant anyway?

  18. avatar

    I just got back from the comic shop purchasing the new Justice League and I was saying to the clerk that if the original Titans have been wiped out, I am Done. I was told to be optimistic. Now I am home and I have just read that Barry Allen will have never have met Iris West. Thus, no Wally West as Kid Flash (not to mention how is Bart Allen still around?).
    This is just one more f@#$ing thing that is proving that my favorites won’t be coming back or at least in the same way. I am glad Barry Allen is back, but not at the cost of Wally West. And who the f@#$ is Dick Grayson going to be if not the founder, leader, mentor, big brother and heart of the Titans. I don’t know why I waited through all the crap through the years for DC to just basically tell all their loyal fans to go f@#$ off. “Make way for all the potential new readers who may or may not come.” I hope all these assholes (Didio, Johns, Lee, Morrison, ect.) lose their jobs when this $hit fails worse than the Green Lantern movie.
    Their is no Titans, Teen or otherwise without Dick, Wally, Donna, Roy or Garth.
    I hope all of you are with me that when it pans out that they dismissed our originals that you are done with DC. There is no loyalty with them anymore. They just want to see more money and to try to out sell Marvel at all costs. I hope it costs them everything. I have spent too much of my money over the years, my time and dedication to sit back and watch this happen. I will not dish out anymore of my hard-earned money to this company. Guess it’s time to find a new hobby.

  19. tamaranorbust

    What really bothers me is that long time Titans fans have been reduced to the sad and pathetic position of hoping that this or that Titan will get a cameo somewhere. Or in the case of Vic, Dick, Kory, Roy, they will remember some Titans’ past.

    But it seems that that past is negative or negligible. The solicits for Red Hood and the Outlaws made it clear that Kory’s memory of Dick is negative. When I saw the preview for H and D I immediately regretted putting it on my pull list. I don’t want to read about Hank and Dawn hating each other, at each other’s throats, lying to each other, with Deadman the romantic block between them.

    The truth is DC is just putting the nail in the Titans coffin – they’ve been undermining the classic titans for years and years. It began when Dick became property of the Bat editors again and Kory and Dick broke up. But at every point where you think the writers might ‘get it’ and tell new stories that give us hope that they are going to present the classic Titans (NOT YJ) in new interesting ways, it always turns into a bait and switch and DC goes in the wrong direction. They don’t get the Titans. They don’t get why they matter. They don’t understand what the franchise meant, at its heart.

    I believe that everyone is taking a wait and see attitude. Everyone is hoping that there will be a big bait and switch, this time in the Titans’ favour. I think we have to realize that with the current powers that be, that’s not likely. I don’t think they get it, period. I think they see the Titans as an irritating inconvenience that has to be cleaned up.

    Out of all the creators who should have, Johns, Meltzer, Wallace and Krul should have. They grew up with the NTT, just like longtime fans did.

    It’s still possible, yes, that this could all turn around. But I came back on board at BN Titans 1, thinking that was the first book in years and years that read like a real Titans book. Then BN Titans did not work out quite how I expected. Then I bought Rise and Fall of Red Arrow or Roy Harper or whatever and it didn’t work out. Then I bought Henderson’s and Krul’s Titans – downhill again, even though Krul was an improvement. I believe Wallace was handed an idea that did not let him write a real Titans book.

    Nothing clicks. No big vision, no one gets it. It’s amazing, because I can see in my mind the adult Titans book that would be a huge hit.

    I feel that if in the next couple of months, it really becomes clear that they’ve wiped the Titans from continuity then we should have a letter writing campaign with real letters sent to real offices at DC and Warner. It may not do any good. But I for one will miss these characters as they were enough to send a letter.

  20. tamaranorbust

    I meant – Out of all the creators who should have understood the Titans and built them up, Johns, Meltzer, Wallace and Krul should have.

  21. avatar

    I know, and of course, Raven, AFAIK, is still MIA.

    And one of my personal favorites, Rose Wilson, has been utterly reprogrammed into Emoboy’s conflicted and lovestruck babysitter. I could have maybe bought into the rose/conner thing as it was being set up in TT #97, MAYBE; (after all, I’m a fanfic writer and can take and roll with a lot) but, taking one of my characters in name only certainly put the nail into the coffin of any had for picking up these books.

    Likewise, I had had hopes for the Hawk/Dove reboot, right up until it became clear that it was just going to be more navel-gazing wangst holdovers.

  22. avatar

    We can see on issues no 1 that, in the Splash page where Red Robin is watching the rest of the mutants, sorry, I mean metahuman kids, there is a gree elephant and a girl runing with a dark raven. Wich means Raven and Gar might be part of the team in the future

  23. tamaranorbust

    Uh yeah, but if you saw Changeling in Flashpoint, he never made it out of Africa and was totally feral. Meaning, no Space Trek, and he may or may not have been adopted by Farr and Dayton. If the way he was presented in Flashpoint remains, he’ll be a bestial character a lot like the Gar in Titans Tomorrow. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh !!!

    • avatar

      yeah a lot like beast of the X-Men….lobdell is turning DC into Marvel?!?!

      • tamaranorbust

        Dan and Co. are turning the whole DCU into Marvel.

  24. tamaranorbust

    Is this true? Teen Titans history totally wiped clean?

    Can someone confirm this?

  25. tamaranorbust

    On DCnU’s erasing Titans’ continuity.