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Chanda Madan

Lian Harper’s Nanny
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Chanda Madan Quick Bio: Quraci teen Chanda proved resourceful and capable
as Lian Harper’s nanny – but found a conflict of interests when she learned
Lian’s mother nuked her family’s country.

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Roy Harper long sought for the perfect nanny for Lian – one who could work around the uniqueness of his profession. He found the right qualifications in teenager Chanda Madan. Chanda became Lian’s nanny and proved to be caring and resourceful.

Chanda is first hired by Arsenal in ARSENAL mini-series #3 [1999].
Below, she quickly adopts to Roy’s unique lifestyle.

But Chanda was soon faced with a conflict of interests. While she adored Lian, she harbored a deep hatred for Cheshire, who nuked the country of Quarac, resulting in the deaths of Chanda’s grandparents.

When Cheshire was about to stand trial for her crimes, Chanda was approached by Quraci Nationals who wanted her to help them gain revenge. Chanda provided some information to the nationals, but withdrew from helping them when she learned it might put Lian in jeopardy. When Nightwing discovered that Chanda had accessed Titans information files, Arsenal was forced to confront her. Chanda left Titans Tower following these events, fearing her presence would put Lian in further danger.

Chanda learns that Cheshire is Lian’s mother in TITANS #6 [1999].

 Lian’s Super Nannies

Lian has been through a host of nannies to accommodate Roy’s adventuresome lifestyle:

Martin and Erika Santos: Two Checkmate agents and good friends of Roy, Martin and Erika often watched Lian in Roy’s absence [New Titans Annual #11, New Titans #126, Arsenal mini]
Chanda Madan: Quraci teen Chanda proved resourceful and capable – but found a conflict of interests when she learned Lian’s mother nuked her family’s country [Arsenal mini-series #1-4, Titans #1-23]
Rose Wilson: Slade Wilson’s daughter – with ninja skills and quick reflexes – was the perfect nanny for Lian [Titans #25-50]. She eventually left the Titans for a happy family life with a foster family in Chicago… until Slade set her on a dangerous course as the new Ravager.
Ron [last name unrevealed] : Lian’s latest nanny was an asian young man [Outsiders #11]; He was later killed.

Essential Reading

Arsenal #1-4 [October 1998 to January 1999]: Arsenal confronts Vandal Savage in a mini series written by Devin Grayson and drawn by Rick Mays. Guest starring Black Canary and Green Arrow (Connor Hawke). Roy Harper — former heroin addict and one-time Green Arrow sidekick — must consider the failures of his past to face the future and find his own niche as Arsenal. But before he can move forward, there’s a problem from the past that needs a speedy resolution. Roy’s daughter, Lian, has a fatal disorder and the only one that may be able to provide the cure is the villainous immortal, Vandal Savage. Roy Harper’s daughter Lian is kidnapped by Savage and Roy learns he is part of the Vandal Savage bloodline. First appearance of Chanda Madan, Lian babysitter, in issue #3.
Titans #1-23 [1999]: Chanda Madan serves as Lian’s nanny.
Titans #6 [1999]: Lian reveals to Chanda that Cheshire is her mother.
Titans Secret Files #2, Titans #21-23 [2000]: The Titans have never met anyone quite like the assassins know as the Hangmen! Their ultimate target is Cheshire, but to get to her, they’ve targeted her and Arsenal’s daughter, Lian. Lian’s babysitter, Chanda, is torn when Quaraci nationals approach her for aid. Meanwhile, they hire the assassin Deathstroke – and it’s Arsenal vs. Deathstroke for the life of Cheshire. During the melee, Cheshire avoids capture. When Nightwing discovers that Chanda had accessed Titans information concerning Lian, Arsenal confronts her. Chanda leaves following these events, for fear that her presence would put Lian in further danger.

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