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Atlan’s Origins

Atlan the Loner is a 3,000 year old mage distinguished from other Poseidonians by his blond hair, which the superstitious Atlanteans call a curse. A direct descendent of King Orin, Atlan was forced to wander the globe and discovered that the surface world had not been destroyed, as legend had detailed. This led his father, Honsu the Conqueror, to wage war on the surface world. The battles left the Atlanteans defeated and disgraced.

Over the next several centuries, Atlan himself became a powerful sorcerer and intellect, albeit an arrogant one. In search of power, Atlan insulted or disgraced a number of demons and gods and has felt their ire.

At some point in the past latter half of the century, Atlan visited the Atlantean Queen, Atlanna, whose husband Trevis, was unable to sire a child by her. Atlan appeared to Atlanna in a dreamlike vision and made love to her. Magically impregnated by Atlan’s seed, Atlanna gave birth to a blond haired child that was condemned to death to bearing the unholy sign of Kordax. The infant survived and returned to Atlantis years later as Aquaman.

ABOVE: Atlan gives Garth his final test in SHOWCASE ’96 #1 [1996].
BELOW: Garth’s training with Atlan is explained in TEMPEST #1 [1996].

Mystic Birthright

As time passed, Atlan became aware of Aqualad’s awesome magical potential. When Aquaman and Aqualad tried to stave off an alien invasion, Atlan seized the opportunity to secretly whisk Aqualad away.

In an other-worldy dimension, Atlan helped Garth fulfill his destiny as a powerful mage. Garth resisted at first, but was able to find truth in the teachings of the arrogant mage. Under Atlan’s tutelage, Garth discovered new limits to his powers, including the ability to control the temperature of water and fire mystical power blasts from his eyes. As time flowed differently in Atlan’s dimension, Garth trained for several years while only a few months passed for Aquaman.

Once Garth passed his final test, Atlan returned the former Aqualad to his own time and place. Garbed in the flag of his people, Garth embraced his new identity as Tempest.

Powers & Abilities

Atlan possesses precognitive skills, telepathy and is a master wizard, able to cast dozens of different spells. He is also immortal and impervious to harm. He can be captured and contained by equally powerful mystical force.

Essential Reading

Atlantis Chronicles #5: First appearance of Atlan. 
Showcase ’96 #1 [1996]:
Aqualad, Garth, dead to the real world, has lived for months in the Grotto with Atlan, Aquaman’s father. During this time, Atlan has trained Garth to use the natural sorcery he was born with, including powers of ice and fire. Leads into Tempest mini series #1.
Tempest #1-4 [November 1996 to February 1997]
Aqualad emerges from his training with the mage Atlan and assumes the identity of Tempest. Soon after, Garth encounters his uncle, who had transformed himself using dark magic and has become Slizzath. Slizzath creates a mystical a doppelganger of Tula, who is created to dupe Garth. Garth sees through the plan and is able to defeat Slizzath, and once and for all maintain a sense of closure about Tula’s death. First appearance of Slizzath in #1. Berra resurfaces alive. Garth’s true origins revealed. Atlan assists Garth.


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