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Captain Brian ‘Sal’ Arsala

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Captain Brian “Sal” Arsala was the appointed leader of the Washington DC Special Crimes Unit. The colorful young Captain – nicknamed “Sal” by shortening his surname – became infamous for his signature Hawaiian print shirts. Sal led an equally colorful group of police officers, each of whom he gave playful nicknames.

When the new female Dove appeared in Georgetown, Sal was immediately taken with the bright and beautiful crimefighter. But unknown to Sal, it was difficult for Dove to date the charming Captain because her powers only sparked when danger was near. So Dove attempted to date Sal as Dawn Granger, but donned in a white wig to protect her dual identity.

Brian “Sal” Arsala takes an interest in Dove in HAWK & DOVE (mini series) #4 [1988].

Meanwhile, Sal’s childhood friend Donna – who only knew him as Brain – played match-maker and set him up on a blind date… with Dawn Granger. This comical complication led Sal to date both Dawn and Dove, as Dawn hoped to win his heart in her civilian guise. Eventually, Dawn revealed her secret to Sal and the pair started to embark on a more serious relationship.

But the lovebirds’ burgeoning romance was cut tragically short. During an afternoon picnic, Dawn and Sal were ambushed by the time-tossed Monarch. The power-mad despot attacked the couple, savagely slaying Sal as Dawn watched in horror.

ABOVE: Sal romances Dove in HAWK & DOVE (second series) #20 [1991].
BELOW: Sal meets Dawn – as Brain – in HAWK & DOVE (second series) #20 [1991].

Essential Reading

Hawk & Dove (mini-series) #1-5 [1988]: Hank Hall settles at college in Georgetown and meets classmates Ren Takamori, Dawn Granger, Kyle Spencer and his fiancee Donna Cabot. Hawk meets his new partner, Dove, and battles Kestrel. Dove meets Captain Arsala. 
Hawk & Dove (second series) #13 [1990]:
Dove attempts to date Captain Arsala, but must do so as Dawn Granger in a white-haired wig. 
Hawk & Dove (second series) #20 [1991]:
Dawn attends Donna and Kyle’s holiday party. There, she finally meets the man Donna has been trying to set Dawn up with – and Donna’s friend Brian, it turns out, is Captain Arsala! Can Dawn and Dove date the same man? 
Hawk & Dove (second series) #23-24 [1991]:
A group of computer-themed super-powered villains attack Velvet Tiger, and Hawk & Dove are caught in the middle. Meanwhile, Dawn continues to date Captain Arsala as Dove and Dawn Granger – hoping he will prefer the more down-to-earth Dawn. 
Hawk & Dove (second series) #28 [1991]:
Dawn meets with Captain Arsala, and he reveals he thinks he has deduced who Dove is… and Dawn confirms his suspicions, bringing their relationship to a new level.
Armageddon 2001 #2 [1991]: Monarch brutally kills Sal; Dove is seemingly killed; Hank becomes Monarch. Death of Brian ‘Sal’ Arsala.


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