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Alias: Noah Kuttler

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Calculated Risks

A man of genius, Noah Kuttler created a high-tech suit and began to commit clever crimes as the Calculator. He matched wits with various super-heroes, using his super-science to analyze and neutralize his opponents’ powers and abilities. When his criminal career failed him, the Calculator began to operate from behind the scenes – acting as an information broker for the world’s worst super-villains.

The Calculator’s kids – Wendy and Marvin – become caretakers
to Titans Tower in TEEN TITANS (third series) #34 [2006].

Unknown to many, Kuttler fathered twin children, Wendy and Marvin Harris, both of whom shared his advanced intellect. Despite Kuttler’s criminal career, the twins grew to be diligent, law-abiding teenagers. Both excellent students, the super-smart siblings quickly matriculated – and graduated M.I.T. on their sixteenth birthday. And although Marvin was older by mere minutes, Wendy proved to be smarter – by a margin of one IQ point.

After graduating, the whiz kids were called to aid Cyborg’s recovery from wounds inflicted during the Infinite Crisis. After proving their worth, Wendy and Marvin became caretakers to Titans Tower. Tragically, the twins were attacked by King Lycus’ vicious hellhound. Marvin died as a result of his wounds while Wendy fell into a deep coma.

The Calculator plots revenge in TEEN TITANS (third series) #72-74 [2009].

A Calculated Revenge

When Kuttler learned of the attack on his children, he swore vengeance on the Teen Titans for failing to protect his offspring. Kuttler sought to use the unstable Anti-Life Equation to cure his daughter, but he was prevented from doing so by Oracle. Wendy emerged from the coma on her own, but lost feeling in her legs.

Still seeking revenge on behalf of his children, Kuttler used his Calculator persona and hired the Fearsome Five to assault the Teen Titans. His true objective was to trap the Titans on Alcatraz Island, where a nuclear-powered inmate would reach critical mass and destroy San Francisco. Calculator’s plan was thwarted when Eddie Bloomberg used the T-jet to fly the inmate away – at the cost of Eddie’s own life.

Calculator gloats over killing Kid Eternity in TEEN TITANS (third series) #92 [2011].

The Calculator gained some measure of revenge by kidnapping Teen Titans member, Kid Eternity. Calculator then forced Kid Eternity to continually summon the spirit of Marvin in a ghoulish attempt to bond with his dead son. This proved too much a strain for the Kid, who seemingly perished.

Red Robin later tracked Calculator’s criminal trail to Istanbul, where he and the Teen Titans encountered Kuttler’s robot duplicates. The deadly dupes were actually suicide bombs, which the Titans successfully deactivated. The mission led them to Calculator’s lair, where the evil genius gloated over murdering Kid Eternity. Robin then deduced that this Calculator was also a robot duplicate, but the team gained some satisfaction in shutting down his latest scheme.

 Powers & Abilities

Calculator possess no super powers, but he has genius-level intellect and is ruthlessly cunning.


Essential Reading

Detective #463 [1976]: The criminal Calculator makes his debut – and takes on the Atom while attempting to steal an earthquake-inhibiting device. First appearance of The Calculator.
Teen Titans (third series) #34 [2006]: One Year Later, it’s “The New Teen Titans!” A new year of exciting adventures begins with the “new” Teen Titans, the bizarre Doom Patrol and the mysterious and secretive Titans East! First in-continuity appearances of Wendy and Marvin.
Teen Titans (third series) #62 [2008]: Wendy and Marvin are considering leaving Titans Tower when they meet a mysterious dog who had swam ashore to Titans Island. They dub him Wonder Dog. After Wendy reconsiders their decision to leave, she finds Marvin has been slain by Wonder Dog, who has transformed into a demonic canine creature. After attacking Wendy, the dog returns to its master – King Lycus, Son of Ares. First appearance of King Lycus. Death of Marvin.
Teen Titans (third series) #63 [2008]: Wonder Girl visits Wendy in the hospital, who is in critical condition after Wonder Dog’s attack. Wonder Girl tells Wendy how beautiful Marvin’s funeral was.
Teen Titans #66 [2007]: The Calculator visits Wendy in the hospital, revealing himself as her father. He swears revenge on the Teen Titans.
Oracle: The Cure #1-4 [2008]: When the evil Calculator seeks the remnants of the Anti-Life Equation to save the life of his daughter, Oracle is caught in a deadly game of online war.
Teen Titans #72-74 [2009]: The Calculator seeks revenge against the Teen Titans on behalf of his children, Wendy and Marvin. The genius criminal kidnaps Kid Eternity and hires the Fearsome Five to assault the Titans – a battle which results in the death of Eddie Bloomberg. First appearance of Rumble. Nano and Rumble join the Fearsome Five. Death of Kid Devil (Eddie Bloomberg).
Batgirl #9-12 [2010]: Oracle faces off against the Calculator, while Batgirl is forced to team up with the Calculator’s daughter in an attempt to save the citizens of Gotham City from a crippling techno-plague. First Wendy Harris as Proxy.
Teen Titans #92 [2011]: The Teen Titans take down the Calculator’s latest scheme involving robot duplicates. Death of Kid Eternity confirmed.

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