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A brash young heroine with a super-sting to match, Bumblebee creates quite a buzz when she’s around. Bee is able to shrink down in size, has a set of wings that allow her to fly, and carries B-stingers to blast her opponents. Bumblebee is loyal and determined – but get on this girl’s bad side, and you could be stirring up a hornet’s nest.

A spy inside the evil Hive Academy, Bumblebee was one of the few students that was not under Brother Blood’s hypnotic control. Working with Aqualad, she helped shut down Brother Blood’s undersea base. At first clashing with Cyborg, Bumblebee has learned to admire and respect him.

After destroying Blood’s underwater base, Bumblebee and Aqualad teamed up to track him. When Brother Blood was spotted heading toward the East Coast, Bumblebee formed Titans East with Aqualad, Speedy and Mas Y Menos. Following Blood’s defeat at the hands of Cyborg, Titans East decided to remain a team and fight crime in Steel City. Stepping down as leader, Cyborg appointed Bumblebee the leader of Titans East.

Titans East volunteered to look after Titans Tower while the Titans chased the Brotherhood of Evil around the globe. At first greeted as Titans wannabes, the East Coast team eventually earned the trust of Jump City after publicly defeating Control Freak.

  • In the comic books, Bumblebee has no super-powers; Her abilities are derived from her super-suit.
  • T’Keyah Keymah – the voice of Bumblebee – also provided the voice of Nails in the Static Shock episode HARD AS NAILS. In that episode, Batman tells Static that Robin is “with the Titans. You’ll meet them someday.”

Producer David Slack on Bumblebee: “Early on, it was uncertain which characters we could use. But Bumblebee stood out. Not only was she a Titans character, but her name was dumb enough we were almost positive no one wanted it. So we started kicking around the idea of bringing Bumblebee in.   […] [When we started to plan Titans East], I wanted there to be at least one girl member. So we worked on Bumblebee in terms of who she was, and came up with something that would contrast Cyborg well, since she’s got some scenes with him in an upcoming episode. We revised her powers a little bit. Our Bumblebee can shrink down to the size to an actual bee, which is a cool power that she uses well.”

Bumblebee [Karen Beecher] first made the scene in TEEN TITANS #48 [1977]. Karen made herself a bumblebee supersuit and attacked the Titans to secretly help her boyfriend – Mal [Herald] Duncan – look good in front of the team. The Titans were impressed enough to offer her membership and she accepted. When the team broke up for a time, Karen and Mal got married and ‘retired’ from superheroics. They have returned to crime-fighting from time to time to assist the team. Bumblebee’s abilities are derived from her scientific super-suit. She does not have any super-powers – or the ability to shrink – as she does in the animated series.

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T’Keyah Keymah (the voice of Bumblebee) 
T’Keyah Keymah voices the sassy and self-assured Bumblebee. T’Keyah is probably best known for her numerous TV roles – including her role as Tanya Baxter on Disney’s “That’s So Raven”, Erica Lucas on “Cosby” and her varied comedic turns on “In Living Color.” T’Keyah has also had experience in voicing various animated characters – on “Batman Beyond”, among other animated series.

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