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Brother Blood

Alias: unknown

Titans Adversary

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The so-called Church of Blood is actually a dangerous cult whose purpose is to serve the soul-eating demon known as Trigon. The group is led by Brother Blood, a charismatic, power-mad zealot who has the power to control others with a touch of their blood.

Brother Blood and his followers sought to open a mystical doorway to bring Trigon to earth. This mission led them to the runaway Ravagers, as Blood believed Beast Boy was the key to cracking open the magical gateway. The Ravagers effectively eluded Blood’s grasp, earning the cult leader’s ire in the process.

Brother Blood attacks the Ravagers in RAVAGERS #3 [2012].

Powers & Abilities

Blood is a formidable opponent who is backed by a massive number of fanatical followers. He is an expert manipulator who feeds off of the faith of his members. The dangerous cult leader has the power to control others with a touch of their blood.


Essential Reading

Ravagers #2-4 [2011]: Betrayal, revelations, blood, and DEATH come to the group as some find themselves powerless to the seductive charms and horrific powers of BROTHER BLOOD.

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