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Brother Blood II

Alias: Brother Sebastian

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Son Of A Blood

The seventh Brother Blood was broken by the super-powered Teen Titans and lived life as a shepherd , but such a docile existence would not last. Blood later returned to his fanatical ways, stealing newborns in an effort to raise a new cult from infancy. His plans were abruptly halted when he was slain by a boy claiming to be his son. This new teenaged Brother Blood dumped the corpse of his father into a river and assumed his role as head of the vicious cult.

Meanwhile, Brother Blood’s followers conspired to resurrect their leader to fulfill an ancient prophesy. Blood’s acolytes summoned a new vessel to serve as the Bride of Blood – a body occupied by the Titan known as Raven. The new teenaged Brother Blood learned of this and kidnapped Raven, intending to wed the empath. When the Teen Titans attempted a rescue, they found a scripture that revealed The Church of Blood was founded on the worship of the demon, Trigon, who was Raven’s father. They also learned of the prophesy that foretold the marriage between Brother Blood and Raven – a union that would bring armageddon and ‘cleanse the earth.’

Blood’s attempt to wed Raven was interrupted by the Teen Titans along with Deathstroke and Ravager, who sought to slay Raven. During the confusion Raven unleashed a flock of demons on the cult which forced them to flee, thus ending Blood’s plan.

Brother Blood woos Raven in TEEN TITANS (third series) #11 [2004].

Titans Deceased

Brother Blood was repelled to another dimension, where he recruited a horde of demons as his new followers. Blood siphoned the powers of Kid Eternity, who was protecting the door between life and death. With the doors of death cracked open, Blood summoned the lost soul of Lilith Clay to serve as his latest Mother Mayhem. Once Blood created a dimensional doorway to Los Angeles, he summoned a collection of dead Titans – Hawk, Dove, Danny Chase, Aquagirl and Kole – to attack the current Titans.

Raven and Beast Boy freed Kid Eternity, who defeated Blood by summoning the previous seven Brother Bloods to descend upon him. Once Kid Eternity was freed from Blood’s thrall, the dead Titans returned to their eternal rest.

New Blood

Brother Blood spent several years trapped in Hell. But when a war in the underworld erupted, Blood took advantage of the confusion and escaped his demonic prison. A now older and more powerful, Blood attacked the Teen Titans while they were attempting to recruit new members. The army of teenaged heroes repelled Brother Blood, but the cult leader was able to siphon Red Devil’s powers before retreating.


Brother Blood assigns a new female follower as his “Mother Mayhem” until she outlives her usefulness. Upon her death, Blood blithely assigns the ‘honor’ of his mother to another female follower. The true lineage of this new Brother Blood is unknown at this time.

 Powers and Abilities

Blood is a formidable opponent who is backed by a massive number of fanatical followers. This Brother Blood is a petulant and capricious teenager with a vicious streak. Brother Blood gains his power through the blood of his victims; He has the ability to siphon the powers of other by draining their blood through a bite.


 Essential Reading

Outsiders #6 [2003]: As the team attempts to shut down Blood’s global satellite-activation system before he’s able to activate his sleeper agents, an act of kindness could end the life of a hero. A new Brother Blood assumes the role by killing the former. First appearance of Brother Blood II.
Teen Titans [third series] #8-12 [2004]: the 5-part “Raven Rising!” The Teen Titans seek out the Cult of Brother Blood in an attempt to learn where Raven is being held against her will. But there’s someone else on the trail: Deathstroke and the Ravager! The Titans learn that The Church of Blood originally worshiped Trigon and a prophesy foretells the marriage between Raven and the Eighth Brother Blood. The team repels Blood and Raven joins the Titans once more. Raven joins the team in issue #12.
Teen Titans [third series] #26 [2005]: Blood plots his return with the latest Mother Mayhem: Omen!
Teen Titans [third series] #30-31 [2005]: Blood returns with a zombie Omen and a horde or dead Titans. Lilith is returned to dust when Kid Eternity is freed. Kid Eternity summons the previous Brother Bloods to descend upon the current one.
Teen Titans [third series] #67 [2009]: Brother Blood – after years of demonic torture – escapes Hell and attacks the Teen Titans during their membership drive.


 Creating Brother Blood II

“Talking Teen Titans With Geoff Johns”
[by Matt Brady – Posted 8-04-2004 – courtesy of]

NRAMA: Playing catch-up a bit with your more recent arc, you did a two-fer with bringing back Brother Blood and Raven at the same time, as well as tying them together. When did that idea, that they were connected, hit you? Was it something you’ve been holding on to since your fanboy days, or did it come as you were working on the series?

GJ: I wanted to re-introduce Brother Blood as kid, to give the Titans at least one villain their own age. And the concept of Brother Blood and the Church of Blood was one that introducing the son to take his father’s place was built in. Again, parents and their children come into play with Brother Blood and his constant search for “mother” and Deathstroke and his daughter, Rose.

Out of all the events the Church of Blood has done, Raven is always at the center. It felt natural to reveal the God the Church worshipped was Trigon.

NRAMA: Your Brother Blood – nasty little twerp, and sadistic too. Killed his “mom,” bit out the stone from Raven’s forehead, and drinks blood. Um, not to sounds too much like a stiff, but how much is too much when you’re talking about, basically a kid doing these things?

GJ: What can I say? He was born bad.

Geoff Johns on Brother Blood II [from The Titans Companion 2, 2008]

TTC: Why did you create a new Brother Blood?

GJ: I wanted a kid as a villain. I thought it was creepy. [I thought] the Teen Titans should have one villain that’s a kid their age.

TTC: Around the same time, the original Brother Blood popped up in Outsiders…

GJ: Yeah, and he died in that, which is something Judd and I worked on together.

TTC: So you had lines of communication going back and forth?

GJ: Yeah, we had a lot of talking going back and forth. Whenever I work on a book that’s in a universe like that, like Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, I talk a lot to my fellow writers working in the same universe. Like right now, I’m talking to Greg Rucka and Grant Morrison quite a bit because of the stuff we’re doing for 2008, and half the fun of writing is working with friends.

TTC: You also tied the Church of Blood into Trigon. Might we have seen a return of Trigon at some point?

GJ: If I had stayed on the book, I don’t know if Trigon would return exactly, but you’d probably have some kind of story related to him. I was planning on sticking around for the book a lot longer than I ended up sticking around.


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