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Brother Blood

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As the new Headmaster of the Hive Academy, Brother Blood amassed numerous super-powered teens under his tuteledge. Using his formidable mental abilities – and his undeniable charisma – Blood kept the teens under his thrall. When Cyborg went undercover at the Academy, he almost fell under Blood’s influence before escaping with the evil Headmaster’s high-tech gear.

Blood later created an undersea base that was destroyed by the Titans with the help of new ally Bumblebee. When Brother Blood was spotted heading toward the East Coast, Bumblebee formed Titans East with Aqualad, Speedy and Mas Y Menos. Blood used Cyborg’s blueprints and enlisted Professor Chang to give him cybernetic implants to enhance his already formidable mind-controlling abilities.

Now using Cyborg’s Titans East teammates against him, Blood had the upper hand. But one thing Brother Blood didn’t count on was Cyborg’s human spirit – his drive and determination – which is what defeated Blood in the end.

  • John DiMaggio – the voice of Brother Blood – also provided the voice of Spike in second season’s ONLY HUMAN.
  • Marv Wolfman – who created Brother Blood – wrote the episode TITANS EAST [part 1]

Producer David Slack on Brother Blood: “In the end, we tried to make him the anti-Slade. Where Slade hides in the shadows, Brother Blood loves the spotlight. Slade always has some ulterior motive, Brother Blood will tell you what he’s planning right away. So there’s some contrast there. […]We weren’t even sure we’d get to use that name. I think what was important that we kept was that he was the leader of a cult. We kept that role and drew inspiration from cult leaders we read about. They are very charming seeming people. From that, we gave him this sort of ‘power of temptation’ – this ability to control people’s perceptions. And the power of persuasion. We didn’t get too deep into the character from the comics, because so much of it was so outside of what we’d be able to do. He’s definitely one where we’ve strayed more.”

Brother Blood first appeared in NEW TEEN TITANS #21-22 [1982]. Blood is the leader of a religious cult that enticed young people to join. Blood was able to gain strength by feeding off the faith of his followers. He used his cult as a ‘front’ to further his plans of conquest. The animated version is quite different from his comic book counterpart. In the comics, Brother Blood had nothing to do with the HIVE. They do share a few traits: Both are charismatic and able to sway young people to their cause; And both amass a group of followers to further their plans.

Titans East [parts 1 & 2]

John DiMaggio (the voice of Brother Blood) 
John DiMaggio plays the ruthless yet charming Brother Blood. The multi-talented voice actor is known for his role as the crafty and crass robot Bender on TV’s animated “Futurama.” John has also done work on various animated projects – including “What’s New Scooby Doo?”, “Samurai Jack” and “Duck Dodgers.” He also provides the voice of Dr. Drakken on a recurring basis for “Kim Possible.” John also had a recurring role as Dr. Sean Underhill on the TV series “Chicago Hope.”

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