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Brandon Vietti Talks Season One

Producer Brandon Vietti reveals some YOUNG JUSTICE season one tidbits on his blog:

“Production on the first season of Young Justice has officially ended as of November 21, 2011, 14:38 PDT. We screened and locked our season one finale and sent it on its way to Cartoon Network. It felt kinda weird. Ending a season seems like a landmark to stop and appreciate- maybe eat some cake or something. But season two production is moving so fast that we blazed right through our finale screening only to hurry off to a season two production meeting.

Anyway, the finale turned out pretty awesome! It’s JAM PACKED! If you blink, you’ll miss something. So I’m telling you now, don’t blink when you watch the finale because we definitely wrap up all our season one story lines and answer all of your burning questions. Or do we? Either way, I think you’re going to love how we close out the season.”

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