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Bob Rozakis’ Teen Titans Plans

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posted November 11, 2002

Ghosts of Writings Past… By Bob Rozakis

What was planned for the Teen Titans if they had not been canceled in 1978? Were there plans for Titans West? – Scott (

As the writer of the series, I did indeed have plans for the Titans, both East and West. After the three-part team-up in TT #s 50-52, I had planned to move Speedy and Wonder Girl to the west coast as the core members of that team, while switching Bat-Girl and one of the guys (I hadn’t decided which one) to the east.

Future stories would have focused on one team or the other, sometimes in full-length tales and other times with a story about each group in a single issue. And there would have been a cross-country team-up from time to time. As far as personalities, I had intended to bring Bette Kane east so that I could play with a romantic triangle involving her with Robin and Duela (Harlequin) Dent.

I also had wanted to develop the relationship between Speedy and Wonder Girl, with both of them “going Hollywood” with the help of Gar (Beast Boy) Logan. Unfortunately, none of this ever came to fruition. Not long after I finished the three-parter, world came that the book was being cancelled, so I used the last issue to present the origin of the team rather than move forward with the original plans.

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    Er, I guess I’m glad it got canceled when it did. Being a NTT era reader, I don’t see Donna as “Hollywood.” (Though I can see that fitting the old TT WG.)