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Starfire’s Sister

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Star Crossed

Komand’r was the eldest child of Tamaran’s royal family, and the first princess born in almost a century. As such, she should have been courted and showered with honors, but Komand’r was instead reviled. On the day of her birth, the dreaded Citadel Empire attacked and destroyed the western Tamaranean city of Kysarr and killed three thousand citizens in her name. Due to no fault of her own, Komand’r was for all time inextricably linked with Tamaran’s day of infamy.

To make matters worse for the infant, Tamaran had previously been a paradise, its people strong and proud and able to harness the rays of their sun to give them the power of flight. But Komand’r was born crippled by Tamaranean standards She could not harness the sun’s energy, and found herself earthbound.

Komand’r grew up hated by a population that saw her as a symbol of their own weakness. They denied her birthright, and refused to allow her to be named Princess of Tamaran and next in line for its matriarchal throne. That title, privilege, honor, and celebration was later bestowed on her younger sister, Koriand’r. Komand’r’s rage grew inward, and when she could, her hatred for her planet was focused on her hapless sister.

Blackfire betrays her people – as detailed in
TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS (mini-series) #4 [1982].

Years passed. Although the Citadel controlled Tamaran through King Myand’r, the King quietly sent his two daughters to train with the Warlords of Okaara in the traditional art of war. His silent hope was that his children would rebel against their dreaded enemy and free their planet where their father could not.

But Komand’r’s anger continued to grow as she learned combat. During training exercises she ferociously lashed out at Koriand’r and sought her sister’s dream. After such an open attack, Komand’r realized she could not return home. Instead, she joined the Citadel and quickly rose through their ranks to become a warrior fighting her own planet. Komand’r arranged a treaty between the Citadel and Tamaran, but one of its conditions was that Koriand’r be exiled from her planet. Princess Koriand’r was then sent off her home planet and forced into barbaric and humiliating slavery.

Years later, Komand’r and Koriand’r found themselves together again, this time, as prisoners of the Psions, a race of cold-blooded scientists who delighted in torturous physical experiments. The Psions subjected both women to conditions that tested the extent to which the Tamaranean body could absorb solar power. The experiment backfired when it inadvertently gave them both nearly unlimited energy powers.

Komand’r plans the demise of her sister in NEW TEEN TITANS #22 [1982].


Komand’r later located her sister, who had since freed herself from her Gordanian captors and made a home on Earth. Now adopting the name Blackfire, Komand’r kidnapped Starfire and delivered her into the hands of a brutal Citadel leader known as Lord Damyn. Blackfire’s true objective was to secure the throne of the Citadel homeworld, which would give her great power throughout the Vegan Star System.

Although Blackfire succeeded in slaying Lord Damyn, her leadership was challenged by Damyn’s chief advisor. He then pitted Starfire against Blackfire in a duel to the death, ostensibly to decide Komand’r’s succession and the fate of Tamaran. The death-duel resulted in Blackfire’s seeming demise, and secured Tamaran’s freedom. Starfire was then reunited briefly with her parents and brother before returning to Earth with her teammates.

Meanwhile, the nearly-dead and blinded Komand’r was nursed back to health by Dor’ion, a simple hunter who took pity on the injured Tamaranrean. The two fell in love, as Dor’ion trained Komand’r  and helped her compensate for her blindness.  But the training wasn’t enough, and Komand’r  failed to regain her killer instincts. Then, one night, Komand’r believed a group of local hunters were attacking Dor’ion. Her warrior’s instincts returning, Blackfire unleashed a deadly starbolt on her prey – only to learn the “attack” was a ruse engineered by Dor’ion. It was his dying gift to his lady love – for her to regain her warrior’s heart. Now fully recovered, Komand’r  buried her Dor’ion, vowing to put Tamaran’s needs above all else.

Komand’r and Starfire battle for control of Tamaran in 

A Queen’s Heart

Starfire was summoned back to Tamaran, where King Myand’r revealed that civil war had ravaged the planet. To secure  the peace settlement, Koriand’r must marry Captain Karras, the heir of the ruler of the southern states of Kalapatt. During this time, Komand’r took advantage of the unrest to seize control of Tamaran, with her parents acting as her advisors. Koriand’r returned to Earth, and began to mend her relationship with Dick Grayson.

Komand’r wrests Tamaran’s rule in 
NEW TEEN TITANS (second series) #23 [1987].

Later, Komand’r had come to realize that it was her own hate that made her despise the world that had spurned her. Using her abilities, Komand’r helped to free Tamaran and stopped a terrorist invasion. Komand’r surprised her sister and herself – ruling  Tamaran justly and honorably, with both a warrior’s fist and a queen’s heart.

Deadly Destruction

Starfire later returned to Tamaran, respecting her sister’s rule. But soon, both sisters were embroiled in an interplanetary conflict within the Vegan Star System, incited by Evil Raven. Starfire enlisted the help of the New Titans as well as Cyborg, whose consciousness had been absorbed by the alien Technis. Despite the utter defeat of Evil Raven, the loss was great – as the entire planet of Tamaran was destroyed along with the Technis.

Tamaran is destroyed in NEW TITANS #128 [1995].

Komand’r and Koriand’r then gathered the surviving Tamaraneans who were off-world during the explosion, and vowed to rebuild their culture on a planet dubbed New Tamaran. But when the Sun Eater ravaged the galaxy, New Tamaran lay in its path. An alien woman named Dusk tried to warn the Tamaraneans of the impending doom, but Queen Komand’r was too short sighted and xenophobic to listen. Starfire believed Dusk, but Komand’r labeled her sister a traitor and banished her. Starfire left her new homeworld, unable to prevent its destruction. New Tamaran was engulfed by the Sun Eater, along with many of the remaining Tamaraneans.

Back With A Vengeance

Following the explosion, it was assumed Komand’r was killed as well. But the proud Warrior Queen resurfaced again during the Rann/Thanagar War. With the remaining Tamaraneans reduced to a wandering race, Komand’r was determined to find a home for her people regardless of the cost!

In her lust for power, Blackfire killed Hawkwoman and sought to murder Hawkman and Hawkgirl as well. After a brutal battle, Hawkman subdued the tempestuous Tamaranean and used the Psion’s technology to strip Blackfire of her starbolt abilities. Now powerless, the bitter Blackfire was left more enraged than ever.

Komand’r and Vril Dox reflect on recent events in R.E.B.E.L.S. #24 [2010].

The ever-resourceful Komand’r eventually freed herself. She then hunted down a Psion scientist and forced him to restore her lost starbolt powers. Soon Blackfire came into conflict with Vril Dox, who was terraforming the planet Rann in the same location Tamaran once stood. The furious Blackfire and her troops battled Vril’s R.E.B.E.L.S. quite fiercely. But the tide of battle was turned by new R.E.B.E.L.S. ally, Starfire, who helped quell her sister’s rage once again.

Despite her ruthless methods, Blackfire’s strong leadership kept her nomadic Tamaraneans united. And as usual, Vril Dox had thought of all the angles. As part of the Thanagarian/Rann peace treaty, Dox allowed the Tamaraneans to occupy the uninhabited southern continent of Rann. During this conflict, Blackfire acquired a burgeoning respect for the conniving Vril Dox, recognizing his brash personality was similar to her own.

With a home for her people and a potential consort in Vril, Komand’r’s volatile nature was tempered. She even aided the R.E.B.E.L.S. several times, most notably helping the team vanquish Starro the Conquerer.

Komand’r sums up her sisterly bond in R.E.B.E.L.S. #28 [2010].

 Powers & Abilities

Because of me Psion experiment, Komand’r’s body is a massive solar battery capable of storing tremendous amounts of energy and then releasing it as destructive starbolts. Komand’r is also a highly trained warrior possessing a variety of combat skills.

A 1983 drawing of Blackfire by George Pérez.


George Pérez on Blackire

Artist George Pérez on Blackire [from The Titans Companion, 2005]

“Blackfire, that was just the super-bitch. She was everything that Kory was not, as far as a sweet, loving, caring person. She was just the bad sister. She was the evil queen, and allowed us a good, strong villain to get them off Earth and onto one of their first cosmic stories. [She was] probably one of the first characters I’d been dealing with where I thought, “Okay, I can draw black leather, a bit of chain work… ah, my fetish fixation can be manifested a little on Blackfire!” My only regret is since I was doing layouts, by the time Romeo inked her, he did not put any of the black sheen on her legging, so she no longer looked like she was wearing that black leather type of pants that I gave her, the tights that she had. You could see it on the cover, but not in the inside of the book, and I said, “Oh, that’s a shame,” because she was Blackfire [and she] didn’t have very much black on her. But the bad girl is always fun to draw, and from what I could tell, when Marv wrote it, was fun to write. I just enjoyed it.”

“Also the fact it was our Star Wars storyline in the Titans, where we did all these aliens and going to other planets [made it fun]. That, I believe, was the first time we had done it on Titans. Even though we showed Kory leaving Tamaran [and] we’d had them go to the inter-dimensional world of Azarath, we had them battling gods, it wasn’t until the Kory storyline that we actually got them off Earth and dealt with an intergalactic story which ordinarily would not be the type of story you would see, or you should see a character like Robin in. When Robin would do that with Batman it seemed wrong. Somehow it seemed right doing it with the Titans, because you had an alien character.”


Essential Reading

New Teen Titans #1 [1980]: After invading his dreams, the mysterious empath Raven incites Dick Grayson to form the New Teen Titans for the eventual purpose of defeating her demonic father, Trigon; Kid Flash joins only after Raven uses her powers to make him fall in love with her; Raven, Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Changeling (formerly Beast Boy) and Victor “Cyborg” Stone unite to save Princess Koriand’r (soon to be known as Starfire) from Gordanian slavers.
Tales of the New Teen Titans #4 [1982]: 4-issue mini series. As the Titans take a break on a camping trip, the new members reveal their origins. The origin of Starfire details Kory’s life growing up on Tamaran.
New Teen Titans #23-25, New Teen Titans Annual #1 [1982]:
 Princess Koriand’r’s evil sister, Komand’r, captures Starfire and takes the name “Blackfire;” Blackfire seizes control of the Citadel and attempts to usurp control of Tamaran and the Vegan system. The two sisters battle on Tamaran, and the Titans team up with the Omega Men to bring Starfire back to Earth. Robin confesses his love for Starfire. First appearance of Blackfire in issue #23. Starfire is reunited with her parents and brother Ryand’r in New Teen Titans Annual #1.
Omega Men #34-35 [1986]: Guest starring the New Teen Titans. Crosses over with New Teen Titans (second series) #16 and #17. Starfire’s sister, Komand’r, tries to take advantage of a civil war on Tamaran to wrest control of the planet. She manipulates the Omega Men in a battle with Nightwing and King Myand’r’s supporters. The Omega Men discover her treachery and eventually side with King Myand’r’s supporters and Nightwing.
New Teen Titans (second series) #15-18 [1986]: Komand’r has incited civil war on Tamaran, and King Myand’r tells Starfire that she must marry the Prince of Tamaran’s southern continent in order to stop this mayhem; Captain Karras reveals that he is the man that Starfire must marry. Starfire and Nightwing argue about her upcoming wedding; Komand’r gathers her forces to take over Tamaran, and captures Nightwing, Jericho and Starfire’s brother, Ryand’r;A distraught Starfire heads toward the capital city of Tamarus for her wedding. Ryand’r, Jericho and Nightwing escape from Komand’r and arrive in Tamarus in time to see Starfire and Prince Karras marry; Komand’r attacks right after the wedding, captures Nightwing, Jericho and Karras, and has the Royal Family sent to Okaara; Komand’r attempts to have the Royal Family eliminated and believes she is successful. After escaping Komand’r yet again, Nightwing, Karras and Jericho travel to Okaara, where Dick tells Starfire to forget that she ever knew him; Nightwing and Jericho return to Earth. Note: A back-up story in issue #16 reveals how Blackfire survived her death duel. A simple hunter named Dor’ion tends to a blind Komand’r, sacrificing his own life so she can regain her warrior’s heart.
New Teen Titans (second series) #22-23 [1986]: Komand’r learns that her family is still alive and orders them to return to Tamaran within 12 hours; Starfire immediately begins her countercoup,bringing war to her own planet; Koriand’r brings her assault to Tamarus, then learns that the Tamaraneans prefer Komand’r’s rule over King Myand’r’s; The two sisters battle until their father intercedes, declaring that Komand’r shall remain ruler of Tamaran; The Council of Elders insists that the Royal Family rule at Komand’r’s side; Starfire realizes that Tamaran is no longer her home, tells Prince Karras that she does not love him, and departs Tamaran for Earth.
New Titans Annual #6 [1990]: Karras’ sister Xyannis and her lover Zorgan are shown as wanton criminals. Fleeing authorities, they travel to Tamaran and manipulate the Tamaraneans into doing their fighting for them. Queen Komand’r. summons her sister, Koriand’r to return to Tamaran to aid them. Karras eventually discovers their deception and tries to stop them from extorting power with a bomb threat. In a heated confrontation, both Karras, his sister Xyannis and her lover Zorgan all meet their deaths. As Karras lay dying, he bid a tearful good-bye to Starfire and his love, Taryia. Taryia reveals she is pregnant with Karras’ child. Death of Karras.
New Titans #127-130 [1995]: 
After Changeling escapes from S.T.A.R. Labs, the team is reunited with Victor Stone, now a computer form known as Cyberion. The Titans aid Starfire, who is danger from evil Raven (now resurrected once more). Evil Raven is trying to destroy her good self (which lay dormant in the body of Starfire). To ferret out Starfire, evil Raven incites a conflict in the Vegan star system. Tamaran is destroyed, killing many inhabitants including Starfire’s parents. A general in the Tamaranean fleet named Ph’yzzon aids the Titans and reveals he and Starfire are married. The Titans are able to destroy evil Raven utterly, and restore good Raven into a new spiritual golden body. Starfire decides to rebuild her culture on a new planet; many Tamaraneans were off-world during the explosion – enough to settle on a new planet dubbed New Tamaran. First Appearance of General Ph’yzzon in issue #127. Reveals he married Starfire in issue #129. Raven tells Starfire she is with child in issue #130, although this is never acknowledged in the future. Death of King Myand’r and Queen Luand’r, and most of the inhabitants of Tamaran in issue #128, where Tamaran explodes. 
Final Night Preview [1996]: 
As the Sun Eater ravages the galaxy, the planet of New Tamaran lay in its path. An alien woman named Dusk tries to warn the Tamaraneans, but Queen Komand’r [Blackfire] is too short sighted and xenophobic to listen. Starfire believes her and tried to warn her fellow Tamaraneans. She attempts to communicate with the alien, even as her sister and husband Ph’yzzon are planning an attack on whoever had done this to their source of energy. Komand’r labels her sister Koriand’r a traitor and banishes her. Starfire leaves the planet and is unable to prevent its destruction. New Tamaran is destroyed by the Sun Eater – along with many of the remaining Tamaraneans and Koriand’r’s new husband, Ph’yzzon. Koriand’r travels to earth to warn the heroes. This story was originally produced as a 6-page prelude to the FINAL NIGHT crossover, and given away free. It was later included in the FINAL NIGHT trade paperback. Death of Ph’yzzon.
The Rann-Thanagar War #1-6 [2005]: War has broken out between Adam Strange’s adopted planet of Rann and Hawkwoman’s home planet of Thanagar and various alien races are trying to take advantage of the hostilities as various space-based DC characters try to get to the bottom of the conflict. Blackfire returns, revealed to have survived the explosion of Tamaran in Final Night Preview [1996].
Outsiders #32 [2005]: An INFINITE CRISIS tie-in! The DCU’s deadliest sibling rivalry reignites between Starfire and Blackfire in deep space – while the rest of the team goes after the villainous Society on Earth!
JSA Classified #21-22, Hawkgirl #59 [2007]: Blackfire has made her way to Earth to eliminate Hawkgirl – as she did Hawkwoman – bringing the Rann/Thanagar War very close to home! Blackfire is defeated and stripped of her powers in JSA Classified #22.
R.E.B.E.L.S. #16-17 [2010]: A newly re-powered Blackfire learns Vril Dox has authorized for a new planet Rann to be terraformed where Tamaran once stood. After an enraged Blackfire battles Starfire and the R.E.B.E.L.S., Dox allows the Tamaraneans to occupy the uninhabited southern continent of this new planet Rann.
R.E.B.E.L.S. #24 [2010]: As Starro attacks, Komand’r shares a romantic dinner with Vril Dox.


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