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Atlas & Spike

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A giant robot bully, Atlas tests the mettle of his opponents via a video game. Aided by his mechanic, trainer and assistant name Spike, Atlas is a firm believer in “stronger means better.” When Cyborg proved a challenge, Atlas confronted him in head-to-head combat – capturing Cyborg’s friends in the process.

Cyborg became discouraged when he gave his full 100% and still met with defeat. Finding his inner resolve, Cyborg found the fortitude to reach new levels of endurance – beyond his 100% previous limit. Atlas met with humiliating defeat at the hands of the cybernetic Titan. Worse still, the Teen Titans made Spike realize the true nature of Atlas – and Spike abandoned Atlas.

  • Keith David [voice of Atlas] is no stranger to animation. He voiced the lead character in HBO’s “Spawn,” Goliath in “Gargoyles” and Despero in a “Justice League” episode, “Heart and Minds”
  • Spike may sound familiar as well; John DiMaggio provides the voice of Bender on “Futurama”; He also provides the voice for Brother Blood in season three.
  • Atlas makes reference to defeating Derrick Wyatt from East Gotham; Wyatt is a character designer for the Teen Titan animated series

Atlas did not appear in the comic books; He was created for the animated series

Only Human

Keith David as Atlas
John DiMaggio as Spike

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