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Titans Tower File Photos:

The Teen Titans found themselves on a race around the world against the Brotherhood of Evil, who were trying to eliminate teen superheroes for their own sinister purposes. Along the way, the Titans rallied a collection of new allies to their cause!

In New Zealand, Starfire recruited Argent, a silver-skinned British heroine who hurls plasma energy.

  • Argent’s name is another word for ‘silver’ – the color of her plasma energy bursts.
  • In the comic book series, Argent had a huge crush on older-hero Nightwing.
  • In the comic book series, Argent is Italian.

Story Editor Amy Wolfram on Argent: “I liked Argent a lot. I thought she was pretty cool. And had we done a sixth season, we would have definitely expanded on all these characters. Argent would have had her own Titans Tower in London. We had great hopes for all these characters.”

Introduced in TEEN TITANS (second series) #1 [1996], The second group of Teen Titans were united by a common origin. The sinister H’San Natall alien race produced alien/human half-breeds to act as warrior sleeper agents on Earth. The seedlings –  Argent, Risk, Joto and Prysm – were activated on their 16th birthdays. Led by the teenaged Atom, the youths joined under the auspices of former Titans mentor, Loren Jupiter.  Silver-skinned Toni Monetti learned she had the ability to control bursts of silver plasma energy. Joining the Teen Titans as Argent, Toni evolved from spoiled rich girl to capable heroine.

Calling All Titans
Titans Together

Hynden Walch as Argent

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