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Ares, God of War
Teen Titans Adversary

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God of War

Ares is the mythical Greek God of War. Cold, cruel and deadly, he relishes in bloodshed and enjoys causing trouble outside the realm of the gods. Ares is always trying to bring about the destruction of the human world and especially loves to torment his arch-enemy, the peace-loving Wonder Woman.

Ares will often change his form into that of a regular human man in order to gain the trust of his enemies. Though many are coaxed into thinking Ares’ intentions are good, Wonder Woman knows the God of War can’t be trusted.

Ares gives Wonder Girl her lightning lasso in TEEN TITANS (third series) #4 [2003].

Brother In Arms

Ares later gave Cassandra Sandsmark a special magic lasso as a gift. Unlike Wonder Woman’s mystic lariat, Wonder Girl’s lasso could not force people to tell the truth; instead, it was charged with the lightning bolts of Zeus, which would flare around the rope when Cassie grew angry. Ares yearned to become his half-sister’s mentor, vowing to teach Wonder Girl how to channel her rage and become a fearsome warrior.

When the Greek Gods were about to retreat from this plane of existence with the denizens of Paradise Island, Wonder Girl felt her powers waning. Ares appeared to Wonder Girl before the gods disappeared and gave her a fraction of his godlike powers. The God of War claimed the powers were a gift to to half-sister, in exchange for accepting him as her brother.

Cassie later rejected Ares’ powers and claimed her own god-given abilities to defeat King Lycus, son or Ares.

Ares make his intentions clear in TEEN TITANS (third series) #33 [2006].

 Powers & Abilities

As do all the Olympian gods, Ares possesses tremendous strength and stamina. Moreover, he is a master of conflict and strategy, and has complete command over any weapon. His armor is virtually indestructible.


Wonder Girl and Ares – a 2008 convention sketch from Phil Jimenez.


 Essential Reading

Wonder Woman [1987] #1-7: The young Amazon’s origin and her introduction to “Man’s World.” But before she has a chance to fully assimilate into her new home, Wonder Woman must battle the chaos of the Greek god Ares, as he plans to bring about World War III! First appearance of Ares in issue #1
Teen Titans #1 [2003]: Ares appears to Wonder Girl for the first time.
Teen Titans #4 [2004]: Ares gives Wonder Girl a gift: a magic lasso with a lightning charge.
Teen Titans #15 [2004]: Ares reveals to Wonder Girl an impending battle that will cause a schism within her life.
Teen Titans #33 [2006]: Ares appears to Wonder Girl and gives her a fraction of his powers before the Greek Gods retreat from this plane of existence.
Teen Titans (third series) #64-65 [2008]: Wonder Girl is confronted by King Lycus, who seeks to siphon her Ares-given powers. After creating a deadly hellhound to keep the rest of the Teen Titans busy, Wonder Girl’s new enemy challenges her in open combat.Wonder Girl defeats Ares by at last claiming her own god-given powers.



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