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Arella became the bride of the evil inter-dimensional being known as Trigon. Through this union, Arella gave birth to Raven and raised her in the peaceful realm of Azarath. Despite Arella’s efforts, her daughter was bound to Trigon by a prophecy. Arella forever gave Raven her love, even knowing what she was destined to become: a vessel for Trigon’s evil.

While Raven traveled to earth to become a Teen Titan, Trigon’s evil destroyed Azarath. As Raven’s dark destiny approached, she journeyed back to the desolate wasteland and pleaded with her mother for help; Arella feared that nothing could be done.

Raven eventually fulfilled the prophesy and brought her evil father to earth. But through the encouragement and hope of the Titans, Raven tapped into her own eldritch energies to use Trigon’s own ‘power’ against him. In a flash of white, Raven was able to cleanse the earth of Trigon’s evil. This marked the end of an old prophesy – and a new beginning for Raven.

  • Arella’s name means “messenger angel.” Arella’s real name is Angela Roth.
  • In the comic book series, Arella teamed up with Slade and Beast Boy’s step-dad, Mento, to rescue the Titans from the Wildebeests during the Titans Hunt!
  • In the comic book series, Arella does not look like Raven; She does not have a chakra on her forehead.
  • Virginia Madsen – voice of Arella – is an accomplished screen actress, appearing in such films as “Class”, “Dune”, “Candyman” and the oscar-nominated “Sideways.” Her brother is actor Michael Madsen, featured as Susan Sarandon’s boyfriend in “Thelma & Louise”, as well as in “Reservoir Dogs” and “Kill Bill.”

Producer/Story Editor  David Slack on establishing the ghostly Arella as being dead: “Well, we wanted to be subtle about that. It is open to interpretation to some degree. My take on that was we were watching something that had happened in the past even though Arella is there in the present with Raven. The white doves represent the spirits of those long departed. And Arella was speaking in past tense. You can take from that what you will.”

Angela Roth, involved in a mystic cult, was chosen to become the bride of the demonic Trigon. Abandoned by the demon after mating with him, she was taken in by the pacifistic disciples of Temple Azarath, a group who had centuries earlier forsaken life on Earth to pursue their own nonviolent lifestyle. Angela was given the name “Arella”, which means “messenger angel.” In their interdimensional world, Raven, Arella’s daughter by Trigon, was born. Raven grew up on Azarath and learned to control her emotions, lest Trigon’s evil would burst free. Raven and Arella’s story was told in NEW TEEN TITANS #1-6 [1980].

Arella returned to battle and defeat Trigon utterly in NEW TEEN TITANS [second series] #1-5 [1984]. Following that, she found Raven, who had disappeared. Arella also founded a ranch to help young people who fell on hard times. Arella later helped Titans and allies rescue their kidnapped teammates from the sinister Wildebeest Society. Arella died saving the Titans durring this battle. But her soul merged with others to become the ghostly entity known as Phantasm. It happened in NEW TITANS #71-84 [1991-1992].


Virginia Madsen as Arella

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