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He’s buff, charming and can breathe underwater. Just when Beast Boy was about to show off his ability to change into a menagerie of underwater creatures, Aqualad showed up. This hero of the deep joined the Teen Titans to stop a mysterious amphibious villain named Trident, who had stolen a boatload of toxic waste.   Beast Boy and Aqualad developed a fierce and funny rivalry – and eventually teamed up to defeat the aquatic adversary. After that adventure, Aqualad was given a Titans communicator and made an honorary member of the team.

Aqualad met the Titans again when the evil Master of Games held his own Tournament of Heroes battle royale. The contest was actually a ruse – the Master of Games was out to steal their super-abilities to use for his own evil purposes. The boy heroes joined together to defeat him.

Aqualad later teamed up with Bumblebee to destroy Brother Blood’s underwater Hive headquarters. When Brother Blood was spotted heading toward the East Coast, Bumblebee formed Titans East with Aqualad, Speedy and Mas Y Menos. Following Blood’s defeat at the hands of Cyborg, Titans East decided to remain a team and fight crime in Steel City.

Titans East volunteered to look after Titans Tower while the Titans chased the Brotherhood of Evil around the globe. At first greeted as Titans wannabes, the East Coast team eventually earned the trust of Jump City after publicly defeating Control Freak.

  • Aqualad is aided by his aquatic Mr. Fixit named Tramm. Tramm the Fish-Boy is named for series producer-consultant Tramm Wigzell.
  • Wil Wheaton – the voice of Aqualad – is probably best known for his role as Wesley Crusher on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. Wil is a big fan of the Teen Titans comic and was excited to meet comics writer Marv Wolfman while recording the episode.
Producer David Slack on Aqualad: “We went back to same formula: If this is high school, who is he? So we decided Aqualad is the swim team guy – the pro surfer guy. Not the pro surfer “dude”, but the guy who’s serious about it. So that gave us a clue how to write him and make him look. Glen [Murakami] gave him a more streamlined look, wearing something that was like a wetsuit. And he made him just a little bit taller than the guys. A lot of what influences character is also what we need them to do in an episode. We thought Aqualad would be a good rival for Beast Boy, since they both had powers that related to animals.   We thought of him as the guy who comes from his own world and has his own set of rules. He’s a strong, athletic, intelligent, very good-looking confident guy who wasn’t trying to impress anybody. That was part of the point of the story. Sometimes people aren’t trying to compete with you – they’re just good at doing certain things. There’s no reason not to like them.”

Aqualad was one of the founding members of the Teen Titans – along with Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Speedy – and served as a member in the first series that began in 1966. He was an orphan child found and raised by Aquaman in Atlantis. He later grew up and became a powerful hero known as Tempest.

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Wil Wheaton (the voice of Aqualad) 
Wil Wheaton plays the role of the handsome marine marvel, Aqualad. Wil is perhaps best known for his role of Gordie Lachance in Stand By Me [1986] and his stint as Ensign Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation [1987-1994]. He also provided the voice of Martin in Secret of NIMH [1982] and more recently, did voice work in the animated feature film, Brother Bear [2003].

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