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Anna Anastasia

Alias: Anna Zametova

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Anna meets Red Star in NEW TITANS #94-96 [1993].


A resourceful woman shrouded in mystery, “Anna Zametova” has deep connections within the Russian Commonwealth. A spy by trade, Anna insinuated herself within Konstantin Kovar’s secret arm of the KGB. There, she learned of the nefarious experiments taking place in Science City, including the KGB’s attempt to breed a group of cybernetically engineered Meta-Men. Konstantin and his brethren sought to secretly take control of Russia while discredting the United States. To enact their plan, the KGB framed Pytor Raskov for treason and took over Science City, forcing the scientist to call Red Star back to his homeland. This was an attempt to secure Cyborg, using his technology to enhance the Meta-Men.

Anna teams up with Red Star in NEW TITANS #94-96 [1993].

Red Star uncovered the insidious plot with the help of Anna, who revealed her altruistic intentions. Anna insisted on helping the Russian super-hero, but refused to divulge her reasons for doing so. But sparks flew between the duo – in more ways than one! As the pair attempted to stop the Meta-Men, an explosion triggered a startling new power surge for Red Star. The Russian hero learned he could burst his body into flames as well as channel and redirect fiery energy. These new abilities help put an end to Konstantin Kovar’s attempt at a coup, but at a terrible price. Red Star’s scheming father executed Pyotr Raskov, who had raised Leonid since childhood. And Anna was forced to kill Konstantin – with a bullet through his head – as Red Star watched.

Unknown to Red Star, a handful of Russian scientists have secretly salvaged the remains of Konstantin and made him a cybernetic – perhaps brain dead – Meta-Man. Also unknown to Red Star, Anna is actually the descendent of the legendary Grand Dutchess Anastasia – making her heir to Russia.

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New Titans #94-96 [1993]: Red Star travels to his homeland of Russia with Sarah Charles in an attempt to restore Cyborg. He learns his father Konstantin is alive and building an army of Meta-Men as part of a plot to assassinate President Yeltsin and blame it on the American government. And agent named Anna and Leonid disrupt Konstantin’s plans, but Pyotr Raskov is killed in the battle for refusing to comply with Konstantin. Also, Anna is forced to kill Leonid’s father, Konstantin. Order is restored and Red Star returns to the United States.


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