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Alias: Courtney Mason

Titans Member
Teen Titans East Special #1 [2007]

Anima Quick Bio: A bite from an alien parasite utterly transformed runaway teenager Courtney Mason – allowing her to channel the Animus, a living embodiment of mankind’s rage. Courtney then became the wandering heroine known as Anima, helping those in need by calling upon the fearsome force inside her. Anima was later slain while battling Prometheus.

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Anima Unleashed

Seven extraterrestrial predators arrived on Earth and slaughtered thousands of humans by feeding on their spinal fluids.

At her home in New Orleans, 16 year old teenager Courtney Mason rebelled against her dysfunctional family by going on a spending spree. While on the run, Courtney was kidnapped by a cult which sacrificed her to two of these insatiable parasites, Pritor and Lissik. The parasites’ bites unleashed the Animus, an impossibly strong extra-dimensional monster, which was now able to enter the world through Courtney. The Animus could absorb the spirit essences of the living and the dead – and made Courtney the embodiment of mankind’s rage and masculine drive.

Courtney Mason is tranformed into Anima in NEW TITANS ANNUAL #9 [1993].

Meanwhile, the Titans were called to investigate a biohazard situation in New Orleans on behalf of Steve Dayton. As Anima, Courtney sought revenge against the cult and encountered the New Titans. After the cult was driven away, Courtney realized that her life has been forever changed and that she just may be the most powerful force on Earth. Upon learning this, she left her brother and father behind to start her new life. Anima became a wandering heroine, helping those in need by calling upon the fearsome force inside her.

After the events of the Zero Hour time crisis, Courtney learned the true nature of Animus’ origin – the shadow realm of the Nameless One, the repository of fear and evil. Courtney also learned that her younger brother, Jeremy, possessed the spirit of feminine drive (Animus’ sister, Eris). Both were meant to reach adulthood before standing against the dreaded entity known as the Nameless One.

Anima joins the ill-fated Titans East in TEEN TITANS EAST SPECIAL [2007].

Titans East Massacre

After reclaiming Titans Island on the East River, Cyborg set out to create an East Coast Titans team. After the elder Titans turned down membership, Cyborg gathered a Titans East composed of Hawk & Dove, Power Boy, Little Barda, Anima, Lagoon Boy and Son of Vulcan.

During a routine training exercise, Cyborg ordered the rest of the team to take down Power Boy. But the newest Titans were shocked to discover Power Boy’s burned corpse hanging from a tree. Before the team could react, they were savagely attacked by the children of Trigon. This onslaught left Anima comatose, but she soon recovered.

Prometheus Unbound

Anima and some other New Blood heroes tracked down the villainous Prometheus after he murdered the meta-human known as Hook. Unknown to them, the real Prometheus was freed from his mental prison, and wanted revenge on the man who used his identity in his absense. When the real Prometheus located his doppelganger, the two villains engaged in an alley way skirmish with Anima and the New Blood heroes.

During the battle, Anima’s body is sliced in half – resulting in her instant death.

Powers & Abilities

As Anima, Courtney can absorb the spirit essences of the living and the dead – which gives her super-strength, flight and force beams. Anima can also generate extremely durable armor around her body.


Two Anima commissions by Stephane Roux, from the collection of Jeff Streeter.



Essential Reading

New Titans Annual #9 [1993]: Runaway Courtney Mason is transformed into Anima, the living embodiment of mankind’s rage and masculine drive.
Anima #0 [1995]: The origin and history of Anima.
Teen Titans East Special [2007]: A flashback reveals an untold tale of the New Teen Titans saving a pop star from Joker and Bizarro. Flash to the present: Cyborg seeks out his old Titans allies to become Titans once again. All the elder Titans (Nightwing, Flash, Troia, Raven, Starfire, Red Arrow and Beast Boy) turn him down. Undaunted, Cyborg gathers a Titans East composed of Hawk & Dove, Power Boy, Little Barda, Anima, Lagoon Boy and Son of Vulcan. During a routine training exercise, Cyborg orders the rest of the team to take down Power Boy. Power Boy holds his own against the heroes, until Dove takes a leadership role and starts using teamwork to reign in Power Boy. The team is then shocked to discover Power Boy’s lifeless, burned body hanging from a tree. Before the team can react, they are savagely attacked by an unseen foe shooting laser blasts from the sky. Continued in Titans #1. Cyborg, Hawk & Dove, Power Boy, Little Barda, Anima, Lagoon Boy and Son of Vulcan form Titans East in this issue; the team is also massacred in this issue. Death of Power Boy.
Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1 [2009]: Prometheus once defeated the Justice League single-handedly, and with his latest lethal crime spree, he’s moved to the top of the heroes’ Most Wanted list. But what grave crimes has he committed, and what will he do to prevent capture? Learn the real face of evil that is Prometheus! Death of Anima.


An Anima commission by Bobby Timony, from the collection of Jeff Streeter.


Elizabeth Hand on Creating Anima

by JasonS . Riddler
courtesy of

For twenty years, Elizabeth Hand has generated an accomplished and compelling body of work spread over short stories, novellas, novels, comic books, and media tie-in fiction. She often blends a literary flare for language, eclectic research, and realized worlds with occasionally sharp, dark, and painful human experiences that range from the punk to the mythic. And yet, more often than not, Hand’s work contains themes of hope and renewal no matter how deep the despair.


You are also credited with co-creating the character Anima for DC comics. How did that come about? Did you write any scripts for the series?

My friend Rob Simpson was working at DC Comics at the time, and asked if I’d like to create a new character for him. I said yes, absolutely, but I wanted to work with my best friend and occasional collaborator, Paul Witcover. Rob gave us the thumbs-up and off we went. There was a debate as to whether the series would be published as a DC or a Vertigo imprint; ultimately, the powers that be opted for the former, which I think is why the series didn’t last. The themes were real-world themes — homeless kids, drugs, rape, gay identity, gang violence, family dysfunction — at the time, issues that weren’t being tackled by DC, certainly not all in the same series. I think we were the first comic to feature a character who was HIV+, also one of the first to have media tie-ins: Conan O’Brien was featured in one issue, and the Barenaked Ladies made an appearance in another. You see that stuff now in mainstream comics, but you didn’t in the early 90s.

Anima really was ahead of its time, and we had a very devoted and very articulate audience, many of whom didn’t live in the U.S. — we got a lot of overseas fan mail. I continue to be immensely proud of it. Paul and I scripted the series together, and we worked with some fantastic artists, especially Steve Crespo, who’s gone on to work for Nickelodeon.

Unfortunately, Anima only lasted for sixteen months, and the character was later killed off. Was it odd to have someone else “kill your darlings” for you?

Rob Simpson was the one who told me about Anima being one of the myriad superheroes who was offed in that dismal Teen Titans issue. When I saw how she was depicted, I laughed — skintight purple outfit, flowing blonde hair, huge boobs — the anti-Anima! One of the things we insisted on was that Anima look like a real person — a real teenager. The ludicrous boob-job DC killed was obviously not our Anima — she lives, somewhere, and maybe someday will be resurrected again by a simpatico writer.

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