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Andre Le Blanc

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Sacre Bleu! The arrogant French thief Andre Le Blanc thought he could take advantage of the Teen Titans’ absence to rob the Bank of Pérez. Mais Non! The Titans East – while looking after Jump City for the original team – put an end to his attempted heist.

  • In the comics, Andre Le Blanc was the arch-enemy of the Titan known as Red Star.
  • Andre Le Blanc tries to rob the Bank of Pérez – a nod to the co-creator of the New Teen Titans, artist George Pérez.

Story Editor Amy Wolfram on whose idea it was to use the obscure villain, Andre Le Blanc: “Derrick [Wyatt, character designer]. [laughs] It was just supposed to be a thief, but Derrick said, “Can we use Andre LeBlanc?” and I said, “Sure!” And he turned out to be a lot of fun.”

French thief Andre Le Blanc has only made one appearance in the original comic book series way back TEEN TITANS #18 in 1968. The self-styled “world’s greatest jewel thief,” arrogant Andre Le Blanc made the international most wanted list. Le Blanc often clashed with the Russian super-hero Lenoid Kovar – who was later known as Red Star. Le Blanc delighted in evading capture by the young hero.

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Dee Bradley Baker as Le Blanc

Dee Bradley Baker provides various voices for the series, including: Plasmus, Cinderblock, Soto, Soto’s dog, Wildebeest, Larry the Titan and Glgrdsklechhh.

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