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Amy Rohrbach

Bludhaven Ally
Captain of the Bludhaven Police Department

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Amy Rohrbach was one of the very few honest cops on the utterly corrupt Bludhaven Police Force. Amy was partnered with Dick Grayson, who had recently joined the force. Unknown to Amy, Dick had become a cop in order to ferret out the corruption from within the system. Unknown to Dick, Amy was working with a handful of cops with the same mission.

Amy at first assumed Dick was as crooked as any other Bludhaven cop. But soon, she sensed that Dick may an honest policeman after all. It wasn’t long before Dick met Amy’s husband and her two children – and Amy began to trust her new rookie partner. Soon, Dick was recruited by Amy into the secret cadre of Bludhaven cops working against the corrupt police department.

Finally, when Chief Redhorn was murdered, it all began to unravel. Nightwing was able to recover hard evidence from Redhorn’s wife, Mary, who had kept incriminating journals detailing various indiscretions and double-dealings of the police force. The force was completely overhauled as the evidence was handed over to the feds – and Amy was promoted to Captain. Although Amy had worked closely with Nightwing, she still wasn’t sure if she could completely trust the vigilante hero. But a bond was established between the cop and the crime-fighter; Amy even fashioned a “Nightwing signal” that shot across the Bludhaven sky.

ABOVE: Amy Rohrbach is assigned to rookie cop Dick Grayson in NIGHTWING #48 [2000].
BELOW: Officer Dick Grayson finally receives his badge and is
assigned a partner in Amy Rohrbach.

When Amy and her family were targeted by the former corrupt cops, it was Nightwing that saved her life. But through an obvious shoulder injury, Amy was able to deduce that Nightwing and Dick Grayson were one and the same. Although she respected his intentions, Amy felt his actions as Nightwing interfered with his life as a policeman. Reluctantly, Amy forced Dick to turn in his badge.

After these events, Blockbuster was brutally murdered by the vigilante Tarantula as Nightwing watched. Although Amy placed Nightwing at the scene of the crime, she concealed his involvement. Officially, Amy stated that Grayson was working undercover the whole time. Amy’s trust in Dick Grayson runs deep – deep enough to compromise her own integrity in his behalf.

When Bludhaven was bombed by the radioactive creature known as Chemo during the Infinite Crisis, the city lay in waste. Luckily, Amy and her family survived the ravaged city with Nightwing’s help.


A 2001 Nighwing commission by Scott McDaniel.

Essential Reading

Nightwing #54 [2001]: Officer Amy Rohrbach has a clandestine meeting with fellow cops at a Church.
Nightwing #60 [2001]:
Officer Dick Grayson finally receives his badge and is assigned a partner: Amy Rohrbach. Nightwing is recruited by Amy into a secret cadre of Bludhaven cops working against the corrupt police department.
Nightwing #81-82 [2003]: Deathstroke targets Amy as she deduces Dick’s dual identity.
Nightwing #93 [2004]: Blockbuster is killed by Tarantula as Nightwing watches.
Nightwing #100 [2005]: Nightwing brings in Tarantula and turns himself in for the murder of Blockbuster. Amy covers up Dick’s involvement.
Nightwing #116 [2006]: Bludhaven deals with the bombing of the city from Chemo; Nightwing helps rescue Amy and her family.

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