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Titans Tower File Photos:

Adonis overcompensates for his frail frame in a big way: He wears an oversized mecha-inspired battlesuit.

While battling Beast Boy, Adonis was bathed in strange chemicals. Later at Titans Tower, Beast Boy began transforming into an aggressive Man-Beast. The Titan initially believed Beast Boy was responsible for abducting Raven. Later, the team witnessed a battle between two Man-Beasts. The second Beast was Adonis, who had been effected by the same chemicals as Beast Boy. When the battle of the Beasts ended, Cyborg found a way to reverse the process of the chemicals – restoring Beast Boy and Adonis to their true selves.

  • Greg Cipes [voice of Beast Boy] also provides the voice for Adonis
  • THE BEAST WITHIN originally aired – fittingly – a day before Halloween

Adonis did not appear in the comic books; He was created for the animated series.

The Beast Within

Greg Cipes as Adonis

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