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Welcome to the nerve center of! This is where it all the news breaks. has been active since 2001 and has undergone as many upgrades as the legendary headquarters. Hope you’re enjoying your stay at the ‘tower. As always, feedback is available through e-mail.

Here’s who you’ll find on Monitor Duty at the tower:

[show_avatar align=left] Bill Walko (Nightwing) I’m an artist and a writer – as well as the man behind Having just learned web design way back in 2001, I looked to create a site to learn the ropes. And since there wasn’t really a definitive Teen Titans site, I decided to create one. What started as a pet project blossomed into a labor of love. I’ve been a fan of the Teen Titans characters since I was a kid in the 80s, and I’ve since gone back to discover the charm of the original 60s and 70s series as well.

Through, I’ve been amazed by the warmth and support of fans and pros alike. It’s enabled me to meet and chat with some great people that share my love for these fantastic characters. But you know what they say… “Titans Together!”

[show_avatar align=left]Jeff (TitansFan): Jeff is an honest-to-God forenesic investigator who became a fan of the Teen Titans with New Teen Titans (v1) #34 (the big Terra reveal). The enjoyment slowly turned into obsession as he now loves all things (and anything) Titans. He owns every Titans issue of every Titans team book and most comics with an appearance of a past or current Titan (although he cant quite seem to land an issue of Detective #38 for some reason…).

Jeff’s passion for Titans rivals my own (yes, really!). I’m really excited about what he can add through his monitor duties. And, really, how many people would think to request an avatar of Battalion?

[show_avatar align=left]Marcus (Risk): Marcus is a life-long Titans fan, and he sometimes dabbles in writing and drawing, though his works tend to be more science-fiction and historical fiction, with a bit of a supernatural twist to them. Marcus actually discovered the Teen Titans through Captain Carrot, where Changeling appeared in issue #20. In that issue, Changeling told the Zoo Crew that he was the leader of the Titans. Thinking Changeling was way cool, Marcus grabbed the New Teen Titans #37 off the shelves… the first part of the Batman and the Outsiders crossover. Boy, was he surprised to learn Gar wasn’t the leader!

Over the years Marcus has picked up all the other issues of the Titans (past and present). Marcus’ deep appreciation of art and character gives him a unique and special perspective on all things Titans. His love for the Titans should lead to some insightful posts here at the tower. Plus, the man has taste – he shares my own obsession for the artwork of the great George Pérez!

[show_avatar align=left]Tarcísio Aquino (Harper): Tarcísio lives in Brazil, holding down a full-time job as a physicaltherapist. In his free time, he maintains the excellent Torre Titã, a Brazilian blog inspired by Tar initially discovered the Titans with The New Teen Titans v2 #20 – falling in love with Donna Troy as soon as he saw her. And since Tar already liked the character of Green Arrow, he instantly became a great fan of Speedy as well.

In the past couple of years, I’ve gotten to know Tarcísio and see his own Titans blog grow – with some features that we hope to bring over to now as well. I love Tar’s dedication toward chronicling all things Titans, and I think you will, too!