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10 Questions with Geoff Johns

10 Questions with Geoff Johns
an interview by – posted summer 2002

1. THE FLASH is currently one of the best books on the stands right now. It was a tough task to follow-up Mark Waid’s run. How did you approach the book? How to you see ‘your vision’ for THE FLASH differing from previous writers?

Geoff: Actually, our direction is really an amalgam of several previous writers — and then my own take. We’re using the Rogues a lot (the Silver Age writers), a human supporting cast (Baron/Loebs) and we’re continuing to portray Wally West as one of the mose capable and confident heroes out there (Waid). The edge of “realism” — which really I just equate to introducing and fleshing out Keystone and its citizens — is something I found missing in the book.

2. Let’s talk about the character of Wally West. He’s gone through quite an evolution – from dutiful sidekick in the Silver Age, to insecure hero in NEW TEEN TITANS, insensitive womanizer in the beginning years of THE FLASH – how do you see Wally West? Do you reconcile all these versions?

Geoff: As a hero who’s learned from his past mistakes. He may not be a scientific genius, but he’s damn smart — he knows what he was once like, and he’s evolved past that.

3. Your take on the Linda/Wally relationship has been refreshing. Their relationship seems very real and grounded. How do you see their relationship? Do you think it differs much from other comic-book romances?

Geoff: Solid. These two will never break up, never divorce, never separate — as far as I’m concerned. They will have problems, but they’re both very mature and realistic in their view of one another. There’s nothing I hate more than cliched marriage problems between super-heroes and their wives/husbands.

4. Frances Kane. A character with a lot of history with Wally. In her NEW TEEN TITANS days, she was insecure and afraid of her powers. And later in FLASH, Mark Waid had her going a bit bonkers. Who is the real Frances Kane? Will you delve into how she turned to the dark side once again?

Geoff: There is much more Magenta in the future. Stick around.

5. Vic Stone. A fan favorite who has had a rough time since those Titans Hunt days. What is your take on him? How will he fit into the framework of FLASH?

Geoff: Read the first year of New Teen Titans and that’s my take on Vic, though he’s accepting his cybernetic half more readily. There are some pretty cool plans in the future for Vic. He’ll be popping up in Flash for the forseeable future.

6. Obviously, you have an affinity for some of the Titans characters; Are there some characters you are itching to work on? Who are some of your favorites?

Geoff: I have yet to really get into Raven or Starfire. Always liked both of them. And Deathstroke.

7. Let’s talk about BEAST BOY. What was your approach to that character and that mini series? Would you like to do a sequel?

Geoff: I love Gar Logan. I’m very happy with the way that mini-series turned out and if Ben Raab and I had a chance to write a sequel I’m sure we would. I actually already have an idea for one.

8. Ben Raab had mentioned you were the one to suggest using Flamebird in BEAST BOY; She is often thought of as a ‘joke’ character. Any particular reason you decided to give her an upgrade?

Geoff: Because, in my eyes, I thought she deserved to be more than a joke character. Again, I’m very happy with the way she turned out. She’s growing, as heroes should.

9. The forming of Titans LA seemed poised for some sort of follow-up; It was rumored a mini series or special was in the works — either another BEAST BOY or TITANS L.A. — what can you tell us about that? What plans did you and Ben Raab have for the Titans LA team?

Geoff: Ben and I had pitch in for a Titans L.A. maxi-series that never got off the ground. It would’ve been fun, but it’s dead. dead. dead. I don’t really want to get into specifics since it is a dead issue. I do believe they have plans for Gar elsewhere in the DCU now.

10. Last question: Terra. Is she really the original traitorous Titan? Or is that still open-ended? Ben Raab intended to deal with Terra’s identity issues in Titans LA, but those plans may never come to pass…

Geoff: We were going to deal with them in Titans L.A. — part of the main focus of the mini. Unfortunately, it’s been left open-ended. Hopefully another writer will pick up on it someday.


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